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October 26, 2004

Why my Vote went to George Bush

1. Security.

2. Because I don't want our National Security Dependant upon the good will of the United Nations - an organization made up of mostly tyrants.

3. Because I work hard for my money and I want to keep the tax cuts that President Bush made possible.

4. Because I'm a veteran and my husband is a disabled veteran and that man who opposes the President has already hurt POWs - God only knows how much he will hurt today's military men and women.

5. Because President Bush understands core American values - life is a precious gift - one which should not be taken easily.

6. Because President Bush is not going to tax my guns. John Kerry will do everything in his power to tax my guns. If he can, he will take my guns.

7. Because I am better off now then I was 4 years ago. My own salary has increased by $22,000 since President Bush was elected.

8. Because President Bush supports the troops and will never establish a draft.

9. Because First Lady, Laura Bush, is indeed a lady, who I greatly admire for her strong beliefs.

10. Because even though President Bush is a Christian, he does not wear his Christianity on his sleeve as a reason for all he does as President Carter did his.

11. Because George Bush speaks just like most of us.

12. Because John Kerry is from the Northeast and thinks he is better than all of us and seems to think he needs to speak slowly enough so we can all understand what he is saying.

13. Because Teresa Kerry is a shallow, rude, bitch born and raised in another country as a rich bitch and has never done a lick of real work in her life.

14. Because the Bush twins are normal girls - I did the same things they did when I was in college, they are cute, they are funny, they are just a couple of years older than Andy and August, yet the press has gone after Jenna and Barbara's butts for the last few years - but these girls still do what they can for their dad. Oh, and I have eaten at Chuy's before - not impressed at all. Service sucked!

15. Because Main Stream Media hate the Bush Presidency, I love it.

16. Because President Bush is making schools responsible for their funding - No Child Left Behind is a great start to making all the public schools worthy of all the dollars they get - all children, no matter what their background, deserve the very best education this incredibly rich and wonderful country can give them.

17. Because President Bush will continue to stand with Israel. Gee, maybe that should really be #2.

18. Because President Bush has actually worked on his ranch, and can chop wood and hack through weeds.

19. Because John Kerry speaks to us all as if we were idiots, and he is the only person on earth who knows English. The fuckhead!

20. Because I can't imagine spending the next four years having to listen to John f'n Kerry drone on and on about whatever. The man has about the most annoying speaking voice of any politician. I so wish the Dems had had enough brains to nominate Lieberman - but I suspect that all the anti-Semitic Dems like Michael Moore were responsible for his defeat.

Posted by Beth at October 26, 2004 08:06 PM