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October 21, 2004

This country needs a Voter ID Card

I'm frightened by all the talk of vote fraud. It seems to be here, there and everywhere.

Voter fraud undermines our free society and makes the votes of real live people less valuable than they would otherwise be.

There are several things that Congress needs to do to change this mess. It may require a Constitutional Ammendment, but keeping voting fair is worth it!

First, when someone registers to vote, they must show positive identification proving that they are a US citizen.

Second, a Voter Registration ID card will be issued to everyone who is registered - because it is an ID card, a photo of the voter will be on it. And, of course there is no cost to getting the ID Card. (thanks for that, Marybeth!)

Third, when a voter moves and registers in a new place, the old voter registration ID will be returned to the county of origin (so that voter can be taken off the polls).

And last, only volunteers or county officials can register voters - this foolishness about one party or another paying people per voter registered has got to stop. Anytime you bring money into the picture, there will be people who cheat.

Yes, I know that the ACLU doesn't think it is fair to ask for Identification when voting, but we have to show ID for almost everything else we do - why not for the most important act we as citizens perform?

Posted by Beth at October 21, 2004 07:05 AM