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October 15, 2004

Carnival of the Recipes #9

When I thought up the Carnival of the Recipes, I had no idea that it would be so popular. I have hosts lined up through the end of the year, and even more waiting in the wings for their turn. I was thinking that at some point, maybe we could vote for the best recipes and have a Best of the Carnival of the Recipes Edition - but I digress.

This week, we have food and drink. I'll start with the drink recipes.

Both my husband and my father-in-law are retired artillery officers. As you can imagine, they are both pretty deaf - but they do have a recipe for Cheatham Artillery Punch.

Larry Conley sent me a link to XXX Eldreth Death Rum XXX. He claims that he has tried this concoction and that it is good. Apparently, Larry survived the drink. You must scroll to the bottom of the page to get the recipe.

My friend, Jack, of Random Fate, has a more likely to be made drink recipe. In fact, I'll make these tonight! Here is his Mexican Martini.

Now, to the food. I'm dieting, so let's look at the decadant sweets first.

This is an Easy Cheesecake recipe from VW - the proprietress of One Happy Dog Speaks. I especially like the sauce she makes to put over the cheesecake.

From Jovianne (who was sent here by my friends Boudicca and Tammi), a yummy and appropriately seasonal Pumpkin Bread recipe. I hope Jovianne sends us more recipes in the future.

Marybeth, who loves decadant chocolate, sends this recipe: Hot Chocolate Soufflé. Yum.

Booklore sends two recipes this week. Both made of chocolaty goodness. Insanely Easy Chocolate Cherry Cake and $25 Brownies (how much the brownies fetched at auction, not how much the ingredients cost!)

This next recipe is a little - ummm - unique. I'm not sure I'd care for it, but here goes - from Blog Jones (who obviously has a sense of humour) Chocolate Cheddar Cheese Cake.

From Earth Girl of the Good Earth - a recipe for Syrian Nutmeg Cake. I will definitely try this one out.

Prochien Amy (who has volunteered to host the Carnival on New Years Eve) has a recipe for a frozen treat - Whip Sandwiches.

Chicken is always a popular dish, and this week we have some new chicken recipes. Here they are!

Dana of Note-it-Posts sends Sour Cream and Dill Chicken. If you don't have Dana on your blogroll, she should be there. She's one of my favorite reads.

David Schuler (The Glittering Eye) has a recipe for Sunday Chicken and Dumplings Soup. Perfect for a chilly fall day.

Laughing Wolf has a recipe for Lemon Garlic Chicken, and below that recipe, a recipe for Laughing Wolf Almond Shortbread. Yum.

This next recipe from Triticale (the wheat and rye guy) is actually 3 recipes in one - it includes a chicken recipe, a Bloody Mary recipe and a salsa recipe - his wee wifey can really cook up a storm! Here is the Alternate Ultimate!

This next one is a beautiful recipe for quail from Steve (Professor) Bainbridge: Grilled Quail in Port Marinade.

There are also several main dish recipes without poultry involved - here they are:

Tammi has an easy and quick recipe (always appreciated by those of us who have to work for a living!) - Italian Beef and Tomatoes.

Boudicca gives out her secret recipe for Pork Chops. This woman can cook - how she finds time with 4 boys, I don't know, but I have tried all her recipes and they are all fantastic.

Kari Holtz of Dogwood Dreams shares her Stuffed Peppers recipe with us this week. Haven't had stuffed peppers for ages, I think I'll try this one, too.

Bothenook has a recipe that his wife makes - Killer Kale Soup. Another good meal for chilly days.

Stan from Dejafoo has a recipe for Asparagus and Fried Eggs. I love asparagus, it is my very favorite vegetable, and John hates it. But, this I can make for myself when he is traveling. Yum.

Ala71 has a recipe for Fast Football Stromboli - it looks great - and easy! In fact, if you scroll down on Ala71's comments - there are another couple of recipes worth the try, like Chuck Bars. Thanks, Ala71!

Allan is doing some Asian Cooking these days. Here is one of his bestest looking recipes - Shrimp with Lobster Sauce.

Trudy of Food Basics has a recipe that has lots of options- Geek Dinner - An Open Source Recipe.

My father-in-law loves, loves, loves Sweet Potatoes. I believe I'll make this dish for him over the holidays - Karen of Let's Play Restaurant has a great recipe for Creamed Sweet Potatoes.

Cindy Swanson knows how to make a French Toast Casserole - and she is nice enough to let us know how, too.

Jordana Adams always has something good to share. This week, it is Pumpkin Pancakes. .

And our final recipe of the week comes from Songstress7 - Super Easy Beer Bread

Thanks to everyone who sent recipes this week.

Next week's Carnival will be hosted by Allan of Inside Allan's Mind.

Here are links to all the previous Carnivals of the Recipes:

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