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October 13, 2004

Voter Fraud

I do not understand why people object to showing some form of identification to election officials when voting. Every state issues official state identification cards as well as drivers licenses, but Democrats still insist that it is not fair to minorities to ask for identification.

That's ridiculous. This is a nation of millions and millions of people. There must be a way to verify who is voting and to verify that each person only votes one time. As it stands right now, anyone could go to my polling place, say they are me, and vote. No questions asked.

There should also be a national voter registration clearing house - making sure that everyone is registered only once - where they live.

Why don't politicians do this? Could it be they all depend on fraudulent votes to guarantee their elections and reelections?

It is something to think about.

Posted by Beth at October 13, 2004 07:16 AM