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September 05, 2004

Left Leaning Loonies

Kevin Aylward of Wizbang found this lovely little tidbit in the Washington Post:
(any emphasis is mine)

Former senator John Glenn (D-Ohio) took the defense a step further by comparing the Republicans' misleading statements to those of Nazi Germany. "You've just got to separate out fact from fiction. . . . Too often, too often, in this country, if you hear something repeated, it's the old Hitler business -- if you hear something repeated, repeated, repeated, repeated, you start to believe it," he said.

What's wrong with that paragraph?

Well, first off, the Washington Post assumes that Republican statements are misleading. But that doesn't surprise me.

What surprises me is that for a year the loony left has been repeating over and over and over again "Bush Lied" - and now they actually believe it. I have not heard any conservative comparing Kerry to Hitler because he repeats over and over the whole "Bush Lied" hooey.

I find the comparison reprehensible. Especially coming from John Glenn. It's what I expect to hear from Ted Kennedy (who, as we all know, is known for his extreme truthfulness), Howard Dean and Al Gore.

They have all become incredibly dishonorable during this campaign. It's sad that the Democrat Party has come to this sad, wretched state.

Perhaps if they were more interested in what's good for the country and less interested in themselves, they would come up with decent people as candidates.

Posted by Beth at September 5, 2004 07:56 AM