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September 03, 2004

Carnival of the Recipes #3

This week, we have a lot of great recipes to choose from. I am adding a rule, though – The Carnival of the Recipes will not link to any recipes involving household pets or horses, I don’t care if you live in France or Korea!

Next week, David Schuler of The Glittering Eye will host the Carnival of the Recipes. Please send your recipes to recipe.carnival(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks to Mary Beth of Random Thoughts for giving us a GMAIL account for the Carnival of the Recipes.

First off, I want to point out what has to be the most decadent recipe of the week:
Angela's recipe for Sausage Cheese Cups- What could be better than pork and cheese and Ranch Dressing!

Now go with Desserts. There are several dessert entries and I have a bit of a sweet tooth today:

BeeBee has two dessert recipes, Cherry Crunch and Fruit Cobbler – which will go nicely with her Coca-Cola Brisket from last week.

Matthew has more desserts – yummy!
Oreo White Chocolate Mousse "Cheesecake" and Sour Creme Poundcake

Because I didn’t get Kate’s Chocolate Cake in last week until rather late, I’m repeating it here.

Now, my husband's favorite meal of the day is breakfast - Here are some wonderful recipes to start the day out with:

Notoriously Nice Mike has a recipe for Gingerbread Pancakes – get all your dessert for the day first thing in the morning.

Hal, from A Geezer’s Corner can make a killer frittata

Sausage Gravy and Biscuits – 7 different recipes! – my favorite breakfast – from Professor Bainbridge

David from a Glittering Eye (next week’s host for the Carnival of the Recipes) has rules for making great biscuits, no matter what kind.

I love mushrooms.

Mushrooms! from Boudicca, who managed to get a recipe in even while preparing for a hurricane - what a friend!

Ooh, ooh – Laughing Wolf has 2 recipes for mushrooms – my favorite fungi! Mushroom Ragu and Stuffed Mushrooms.

Here are some poultry recipes - all quite different from each other:

Tropical Chicken Terriaki from Punctillious at Blog ‘o Ram.

Guaranteed moist Roast Turkey from Amy

Allan sent me another recipe this week – Mexican Chicken Chowder - you can start it in the crockpot in the morning and have a yummy dinner when you get home from work.

From Kin’s Kouch – Garlic Chicken in a Bag - Gotta love a recipe with 14 cloves of garlic in it!

And I guess I should put Marybeth's Honey Hot Wings
in this category - they are chicken wings, after all - and these look especially good.

These recipes are just - All American - and great for Labor Day Weekend!

Tater Tot Casserole - from Skillzy.

Hotter than Hell Barbeque Sauce from Damaged Justice

Teresa at Technicalities likes to fix Hot Dogs and Sauce to eat while watching the big game on TV. This one looks pretty darn good.

Acidman has the proper Southern cooking method for preparing Boiled Peanuts

Real, honest to goodness Cajun Gumbo from Mostly Cajun Dale

The Wacky Hermit from Organic Baby Farm has a Manhattan Clam Chowder recipe

Dad’s Salad from Booklore – so named because it has all the things Booklore's dad would grow in his garden - looks good and healthy.

And here are great looking recipes that I just couldn't categorize very well.

Toad in a Hole – an English Recipe from Tim Worstall – I love that we are getting recipes from people all over the world.

Helen, The Everyday Stranger, has a rather complex recipe for Moussaka – it is at the bottom of her post. Do read the whole thing. Helen is a wonderful writer. I try to read her every day.

Peter London, a graduate-italophile-libertarian/conservative-gastronome- has a recipe for properly preparing tripe. He also has a Fiat engine for sale, if anyone is interested!

Salmon Fantasia, from Alison, a new contributer who lives in France

This is a recipe that one of Pam’s commenters – Michael, from Chasing the Wind’s recipe for Tortellini. (yes, I will go anywhere to find a good recipe ).

And last, but not least, Jordana Adams’ Black Bean Chili looks just the thing for cool autumn evenings. I’m saving this one!

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