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August 25, 2004

Wictory Wednesday

It's Wictory Wednesday again. This is the last week (stupidly) that you can donate money to President Bush's Campaign. You can always donate your time, though!

The more I learn about President Bush, the more I admire and respect the man.
Actually, I wish he would play half as dirty as Kerry and his kamp play - because I want President Bush to continue to be the President for another four years - so he can continue the War against Terrorism.

President Bush is the only man running for President who has the fortitude to do the right thing. Kerry would end up damning our soldiers and airmen and sailors and marines just like he did in 1971.

So, be damn sure you are registered to vote, and be sure to vote - if you will be traveling - call your local election board or go here to see what needs to be done to get an absentee ballot - this is really important stuff, folks. Don't let yourselves down by forgetting to complete these important, very important tasks of citizenship.

All the bloggers listed below are also proud to support President Bush.


Posted by Beth at August 25, 2004 06:19 PM