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August 25, 2004

Just Amazing

Some journalists are asking if the Swift Boat Story has gone on too long. (Thanks, Allah!) There are complaints that Kerry is less accessible to reporters since the story came out of the internet and onto tv. He doesn't come to the back of the plane as often.
Mind you, the 'story' about George Bush being AWOL from the National Guard has gone on for what - a year? And the President has released all of his military records, unlike John F'n Kerry.
I am especially perturbed by some bloggers, who apparently feel that this story has gone on too long, also. (One of them is even shutting down her blog for awhile, maybe forever, which is okay with me, she is right, it probably is time. )

Yes, what Kerry did during the Vietnam War (both in the Navy and after he got out) happened over 3 decades ago. What he did, and his refusal to apologize for what he did speaks volumes about the man's character, or lack thereof. Those of you who are perhaps 10 or 20 years younger than I am do not have a clue as to the impact of Kerry's words when he testified before Congress back in 1971. So perhaps that is why you are bored with it all. But I remember how he harmed all veterans of all wars by his words. And the thought that such a man could be President - that he is the best the Democrats could come up with, is abhorent to many, many veterans.

President Bush has never, ever disparaged Kerry's service to the country. In fact, he has done the opposite. Yet Kerry and his Kamp have gone on and on and on about President Bush's National Guard service. One of his minions, Mary Anne Marsh, even went so far as to exclaim, "George Bush betrayed America by not serving in Vietnam". I'll let you read my better half's viewpoint on that one.

So, reporters and bloggers who are sick of Vietnam, think again before you think the Swift Vet Boats story has gone on too long.

The American public disagrees with you. This is important stuff. And it's not Bush who is 'bringing it on', Veterans are bringing it on - it's what Kerry wanted, after all!

Posted by Beth at August 25, 2004 05:44 AM