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August 15, 2004

Kerry can't get his story straight

Captain's Quarters has an excellent time line of Kerry's time in Vietname from January through March 1969.

This timeline made clear that the Kerry camp has said all sorts of things to make it look like Kerry did a lot more than he did - and I mean a lot - go read the post, it is well worth it.

Captain Ed states (and I wholeheartedly agree)

In order to clear this up, both Kerry and Alston need to release all of their military records for review. Because the way it looks right now, Kerry and his campaign have perpetrated a fraud in order to bolster the credentials from the only executive role he has ever had, and the central qualification he's put forward for his candidacy.

And as a note, the Kansas City Star is finally covering this story. The KC Star has become a very left of center newspaper (when it was once quite moderate, reflecting the metro area). I was really pleased to learn that the Star is finally doing the right thing and reporting the news.

Posted by Beth at August 15, 2004 06:57 AM