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August 08, 2004

Prediction ...

The Truth Laid Bear does not speak very often. But he speaks now.

The biggest problem for Kerry is that the Swifties' attacks confirm what we really want to believe about him anyway. He's been so damned annoying about his Vietnam record that we secretly want to think the worst of him, and now the Swifties have provided a rational basis for that gut-level irritation that Kerry inspires when he blathers on about his war record. This isn't just bad for Kerry, it's disasterous: the amorphous negative that normal people have when exposed to Kerry's "leadership, courage, and sacrifice" / "three purple hearts" mantra now has a core of fact -- or at least, alleged fact --- around which to crystalize.

Unless Kerry's campaign manages to completely discredit the Swifties --- which seems increasingly unlikely --- the campaign is over; Kerry is done

I truly hope The Bear is right.

I have noticed that there are a lot of comments from apparent Kerry supporters on everyone's blog - and they all seem to say the same thing: (this is a comment from one of my posts):

What kind of person attacks the military record of a man who volunteered to serve his country in Vietnam and was wounded in battle? You people really take the cake. Kerry served. Bush pulled strings to avoid it. All you accomplish with scurrilous attacks on Kerry's military service is to keep reminding people about this fundamental difference in their personal character.

And the commenter *never* has a valid email address or a web URL.

The thing is, oh ye anonymous commenters, it looks more and more like Kerry was not wounded in battle so much as he wounded himself, at least once.

The thing is, Democrat speakers, Kerry did not lead or behave as the majority of Military Officers behave when he got out of Vietnam on his 3rd Purple Heart in 3 months - the one which now appears to be accidentally self-inflicted.

I have not heard of other officers getting out on the 3rd Purple Heart loophole - most officers have more honor than to do that.

Kerry is apparently without honor. He should not lead our country. He should not even lead a Boy Scout Troop, with his inability to avoid so many injuries - he would be a bad example.

Posted by Beth at August 8, 2004 01:19 PM