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August 01, 2004

Democrat wants to reinstate the Draft

I think that most of you knew this already, but I wanted to make sure that any of my readers who are of a younger age than 30 see this.

This is from the wacky congressman's own web page,Congressman Jim McDermott - Representing Washington State's 7th Congressional District

Washington, DC-- Congressman Jim McDermott has announced his co-sponsorship of Congressman Charles Rangel's legislation to reinstate the military draft and other forms of national service. The bill would require Americans between 18 and 26 to serve two years in the military or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security. The bill, HR 163, is intended to ensure that the burden of military service is not borne disproportionately by the poor and numbers of minority groups. Congressman McDermott commented that "I believe that if those who are pushing for war knew that their children might be required to share the burden of that war, there might be a greater willingness to work toward peace and a diplomatic solution. If, despite our best efforts, we end up in armed conflict, then fairness dictates that the sons and daughters of all classes participate." " I am pleased to be an original co-sponsor of Congressman Rangel's bill, McDermott continued. " If we need to re-instate the draft in order to make the Administration consider the chilling consequences of war, so be it. I hope this will make them realize how important a diplomatic solution really is. "

Okay, my friends - please note his reasoning for reinstating the draft - he suffers the mistaken belief that only the poor and stupid join the military voluntarily, so he will demand that people who don't want to be in the military be forced into it.

Trust me, the people in the military voluntarily do not want to fight next to people who are not there by choice.

But what makes this guy more damnable is that he is going around telling college-aged men that Bush will reinstate the draft. He does not acknowledge his bill to reinstate the draft.

This nut also had a cameo appearence in Mickey Moore's F9/11. It's funny, he thinks that Moore's film saved the "Constitution and the Bill of Rights", but he is willing to start a draft.

Thanks to Right-Thinking from the Left Coast for this.

Posted by Beth at August 1, 2004 07:56 AM