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July 25, 2004

On Terror

Some of my regular reads in the Blogosphere think that Annie Jacobsen is hysterical for reporting what happened to her on a nightmare of a flight from Detroit to LA now that it has been found that the 14 Syrians who were causing fear on that flight were actually a legitimate music group.

So what if they were in this country legitimately and that they are in a music group - that does *not* mean they are not terrorists in training! Or they could still be testing our security for others to see how far they can go in an attempt to hurt American citizens.

Face it folks, the next terrorists who attack us from our own airlines are going to be here legally. Chances are they will be of Middle Eastern heritage. It is not racist to be wary of Muslims on airplanes, it is prudent. In fact, it is prudent to be very aware of everyone flying on the same plane you are on.

I would have done more than Annie Jacobsen did. I would have said something to at least one of the Syrians standing in the aisle - but I'm like that (ask John, it makes him crazy). All of you in the blogosphere who have criticised Annie Jacobsen simple because she was brave enough to make her experience public are being overly politically correct and naive to the nature of terrorism.

I would prefer that we err on the side of safety - if a foreign national is behaving badly, or scaring people, we should not ignore that behaviour simply because we might offend them.

Good lord, folks. You have to know that AlQueda and friends are working to hurt us hard again. If you pretend that such stories are simply the result of hysterical women (a sexist way of thinking that went out with Freud), then you are just sticking your heads in the sand.

UPDATE: I just read Teresa's take on the same subject - and I'm so relieved to see that I am not alone!

UPDATE again: Go read Blackfive's post on this same subject. Blackfive also believes someone should have said something to the Syrians.

Posted by Beth at July 25, 2004 04:33 PM