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July 21, 2004

Wictory Wednesday

If you are as sick and tired as I am of the leftist, Bush-hating propaganda that is being perpetrated by the Media, so-called Intellectuals (so-called, because if they were truly intellectuals, they would see the errors in their logic) and Hollywood (and Hollywood wannabees like Linda Rondstadt), then fight back.

Donate your time or money to help reelect President Bush.

I support George Bush. I will vote for him in the coming election. Even though I am an independant voter and was once a Democrat, the Republican Party (despite their undeniable faults) is the best choice. George Bush is the only leader running for election. We need a leader during time of war. Not just the war in Iraq, but the global war on terror that we are just starting.

If John Kerry is elected, we will lose the War on Terror. In fact, if he has his way, we will be subjugated to so-called "International Law" and our Constitution will be secondary.

All the bloggers listed below are also proud to support President Bush.


Posted by Beth at July 21, 2004 05:59 AM