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April 19, 2004

Andrew Sullivan has lost his mind

Or perhaps he is just now divulging his real feelings about those of us in rural states who have more power than we should. James Lileks refutes Andrew's call for a $1 a gallon war gas tax.
To read Andrew's explanation, go here.

This paragraph speaks volumes of Andrew Sullivan's big city coastal thinking:

Others say it penalizes those in remote and rural areas. So what? Very few taxes are perfect, and our electoral system with its over-representation of big agricultural states in the Senate already pampers the rural. (I'd gladly exchange a gas-tax hike for abolition of agricultural subsidies. Any takers in Iowa?)

Obviously he is unaware of the fact that many of us in rural states are
1. not farmers


2. have no access to mass transit (it would not make sense to spend all those government dollars on rural areas for mass transit when there is no mass).

His big city snobbishness is showing. Or, maybe he forgot that he no longer lives in England - suddenly he wants us to be like the EU?

I'm very disappointed. All because of the gay marriage thing, too. Talk about a one issue voter.

Posted by Beth at April 19, 2004 06:01 AM