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April 17, 2004

I don't think I want this woman to be First Lady

I had to pay 3.50 cents to read this original article in the New York Post. I saw it referenced at Baldilock's place. This is what Ms. Heinz said:

"A politician's wife has a hard life. In the old days they only lived for their men. Today we can have a broader, richer life. The partner must have her own set of interests. Children, career, something. It's needful to have a sense of one's self. I work six days a week on my own interests and will always continue. To become more of a 'thing' and less of a person is terrible.

She works 6 days a week on her own interests? Is she running a business, or is she just spending money and meeting other posh society types for bridge? I'd like to know!

"I can't believe I married a second politician. I can't believe I married the first politician. He wasn't one when we met. I can't believe my family left Africa and came to this country. I can't believe I live in America, I can't believe I ever even married an American. And I can't believe we're embarked on this journey."

At Aaron's Rant Log you can read the entire article, including such tidbits as the fact that Teresa doesn't carry her own makeup with her and helped herself to Cindy Adam's makeup - how low class is that! Teresa is also bummed out about having to stay in hotels that don't serve meals after 10:00 pm.

What a bitch.

Thanks to Baldilocks and Aaron for pointing this out.

Posted by Beth at April 17, 2004 04:49 PM