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April 08, 2004


I can hardly stand to watch it - but I am. A repeat of John Kerry talking to Neil Cavuto on FOX last night. I'm sorry. I can't believe this Kerry idjit. He mentioned that fact that 60% of corporations 'recently' paid no Federal Taxes.

Is he unaware that was during the years of 1996 to 2000? During Clinton's presidency?

And now, he is all about health care and giving the same corporations tax breaks (how can you give someone paying no taxes a tax break?) so they can provide their 'workers' (notice he uses the commie term for those of us who work for a living rather than employees) more health care.

He said that the increase in job growth is bogus - he claims that construction work is just temporary spring hiring and that it doesn't count because it is temporary - I'm sorry, but isn't most construction work seasonal?

And then, his botoxed face... do we want a president who will allow toxins to be injected into his face just to look younger? It's downright creepy. He is downright creepy.

But really, the man doesn't seem to have a grasp of the facts. I don't think he is very smart. And he doesn't even have a decent personality.


Posted by Beth at April 8, 2004 04:49 AM