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March 29, 2004

Shallow VS Deep

Patriot Boy says I'm shallow (along with all other Bush supporters).

Frankly, I don't care if he thinks I'm shallow or not. I'm a bit more concerned that he appears to believe that folks in Unions are not capable of civilized discourse and that anyone who disagrees with them kinda deserves to be pushed around a bit.

Why won't union workers just lay down when we disrupt their rallies? My prayers go out to Blogger for Bush Matt Margolis, who was roughed up by union workers last Thursday when he tried to disrupt a Kerry rally. Fortunately, God was watching over him, and he was unhurt in the altercation. The workers merely held him down on the ground for a few minutes. They were very lucky. Matt tells us that he "felt robbed of the experience of really pounding a union worker." (2:07 am comment) Good thing for them that they had the presence of mind to hold him down.

I can't figure out why these blue-collar workers get so upset when we provoke them at their rallies. We're just minding our own business and inciting our political opposition into reacting to our presence so that we can play "victim." It's how we recruit so many shallow people--well OK, we also recruit them using very simplistic, angry rhetoric about treason, abortion, homosexuals, and the flag, but that strategy is limited to our media efforts.

Yes, I know that some would call such acts of provocation, juvenile, but it's really all we have. The left just isn't in to committing acts of political violence--it's not a part of their philosophy. If we didn't provoke the left, Rush would have nothing to rant about.

Yes, I'm one of the shallow people he talks about. What concerns me more, is that he is propagating the rumor I wrote about yesterday as if it was fact.
I have been asking a lot of questions in the comments of this post by Orcinus.
Go read the story, and please, tell me if you think my comments are unreasonable - by asking for proof?

Posted by Beth at March 29, 2004 05:44 AM