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March 29, 2004

Reasonable Disagreement

Hmmmm. I have had a couple of comments disagreeing with my support of Young Republicans and others to exercise their freedom of speech.
I think that discussion and disagreement is a good thing.
One comment, from Rank and File Democrat (with an email address, naturally of fuck@you.com) goes thusly:

Get ready for a lot more of it Beth.

When vets start returning from Iraq and realize that little pussy boys like Matt Margolis didn't have the balls to enlist themselves, there will definitely be hell to pay.

You have no idea what's going to come down on you in a few years.

Well, Mr. or Ms. Rank and File Democrat, I have to ask; how you would know about anyone in the military and how they feel about the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and the War on Terror itself? Could you please, please, please assure me that you have served in the military yourself? Or are you simply assuming that Kerry's military service is typical - where one accuses all fellow soldiers of committing war crimes after one gets out of the service early with flesh wound Purple Hearts?

I have many, many friends who are still on active duty. I have served in the Army Reserve and my husband is a Retired Army Officer. I live in a military town. None of these people would agree with you in the least. In fact, many of them are quite unhappy with the way Rank and File Democrats pretend to support the troops, while calling their Commander in Chief every name you can think of.

I would truly welcome some reasonable disagreement, but what I get from the Democrats appear to be veiled threats of my future and the future of anyone who does not agree with the Left and name calling.

Posted by Beth at March 29, 2004 05:19 AM