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March 25, 2004

How I would run a hotel

Some hotels have some good points, all have some bad points. If I was really rich and owned a hotel, my hotel will be perfect.

1. All the rooms will fact the quietest street, never the highway.
2. TV Sets will all be at a higher level than the bed.
3. All bathrooms will have good quality toilet paper - like Charmin Ultra.
4. The little thing of condiments for coffee will have enough sugar and creamers that guests can have 2 cups of coffee with 2 sugars and 2 creams each.
5. The housekeeping staff will remember to replace the coffee and sugar and creamer every day.
6. Parking will be free.
7. Down comforters and big comfortable mattresses in every room. (this week, I am in a room with a brand new Sealy Posturpedic and a down comforter)
8. Lots of pillows.
9. Soft, fluffy towels.
10. Free Broadband connection. (Some hotels have this now, but not enough)
11. Real cable TV, with all the channels that anyone can get on basic cable.
12. A place to plug in the iron somewhere within reach of where an ironing board can be set up - you would be amazed at how many hotel rooms have no sockets that are not hidden by huge armoires or beds.
13. Truffles on every pillow at night.
14. No full length mirror situated right across from where the toilet is - I'll put them somewhere else.
15. Nice hangars that come out of the closet.
16. Hot tub in every room.
17. Most importantly, a bartender who can make a decent margarita! (Madfish Willy?)

Posted by Beth at March 25, 2004 04:13 AM