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January 27, 2004

Unbelievable Franken

Al Franken decided to take matters into his own hands and tackled a heckler at a Dean Rally.

"I got down low and took his legs out," said Franken afterwards.

Franken said he's not backing Dean but merely wanted to protect the right of people to speak freely. "I would have done it if he was a Dean supporter at a Kerry rally," he said.

"I'm neutral in this race but I'm for freedom of speech, which means people should be able to assemble and speak without being shouted down."

Hmmmmm. Geeeeee. If he is for 'freedom of speech', why would he tackle some guy who was exercising that freedom?

I hope the victim sues him for assault. Hey, People, you cannot put your hands on another person just because you don't like what they say, or because they are interrupting someone.


Posted by Beth at January 27, 2004 04:27 PM