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January 24, 2004

I want the Democrats to have a decent nominee

Many of you will think I'm nutsy to say that, but we need two parties. If the Democrats choose an obviously unbalanced candidate like Dean or Clark, the Republicans get too much power. If the Republicans put up a weak candidate, the pendulum can swing the other way - look at Goldwater (though he seemed less rightwing as time went by). His candidacy gave the Democrats a lot of power for a long time.

The Democrats have weakened tremendously in the last 10 years or so. They are just not even close to having the same views as the average citizen, so they don't get elected to governerships and Congress at anywhere near the rate they used to. This is not a good thing. We need argument and discussion and that dirty word, consensus, in our world.

The Democrats have swung so far to the left that many of us have written them off completely. Their strident, mean-spirited rants are a turn off. As soon as I hear the whining or angry voices on the TV or Radio, I just turn them off. I can't bear to listen to their bullshit when they go on these tyrades.

I believe the Democrats have lost sight of the fact that they are supposed to represent their constituencies - not other countries, not the UN, not left-wing university professors. They are losing their base because they want to be world polititians, not representatives of the people of the USA.

They are losing their base because they treat the American Public like children. They tell us what we want. They tell us what is best for us, from what medical choices we should make to how to raise our children, to how we can spend the money we work hard to earn. They think we are stupid. As far as the typical Democrat is concerned, if someone doesn't believe in the same things they do, we are stupid. How arrogant that is!

So, I want the Democrats to have a decent candidate. I want them to truly be more representative of the people who vote for them. I want the Americans to go to the polls in great numbers because we have a true choice. A choice that would encourage us to consider who we vote for with great care.

Joe Lieberman might be a decent candidate. I may disagree with a lot of his ideas, but I respect his demeanor and integrity. Other than Joe, I don't see a Democratic candidate running who is worth the paper to vote for them. Lieberman is the only one who understands that we must defend ourselves against those who would kill us all.

Too bad it is extremely unlikely that the Democrats will choose a reasonable person as their nominee.

Posted by Beth at January 24, 2004 08:57 AM