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January 09, 2004

Dowingba needs a Conservative Mentor

Dowingba was kicked out of the Liberal Coalition for not being liberal enough. But he's not quite ready to become a Conservative.

As it stands today, I am ashamed to call myself a Liberal. The Liberal movement (or as I call it now, the "Anti-Bush Movement"), is not respectable anymore; and while I still respect many Liberals, it's mostly because I live in a place that is absolutely laden with them. (Even the "wingers" here call themselves "Progressive" Conservatives, and are probably about as Conservative as the Democrats in America.) I wish I wasn't a Liberal, but unfortunately I am. I am, however, open to suggestions.
Please, this is a plea. Somebody out there please brainwash me! I can't stand it any longer.

I'm not the best convincer, so I am calling upon those of you who write well, to go to Dowingba's blog and convince him of what is Right.

Posted by Beth at January 9, 2004 04:06 PM