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June 09, 2004

A worthy cause...

Through my Rotary Club, I'm sending school supplies directly to Civil Affairs units in Iraq for distribution to Iraqi schools...

In the midst of spring cleaning, I'm sending cartons of books to deployed soldiers - history, historical fiction, sci fi and fantasy - the kinda stuff they want!

Through the Spirit of America, we raised over $50K to help the Iraqis get a freer press.

So now along comes Matt of Stop the Bleating with this plea...

Snipers in need have friend in States By Lisa Burgess, Stars and Stripes Pacific edition, Monday, May 17, 2004

ARLINGTON, Va. — Attention, deployed snipers: Your brothers-in-arms back home want to send you gear.

A group of police and military snipers has started “Adopt a Sniper” to donate equipment to deployed military members.

It’s the brainchild of Brian Sain, a police SWAT member for 15 years who works as a detective in the Port Arthur (Texas) Police Department.

Sain said he was inspired by the close-knit “sniper fraternity,” whose military and civilian police members are unusually interwoven. “A lot of SWAT [members] are former military, and a lot of them are reservists who are now going over” to Iraq and Afghanistan, Sain said. “And even if you’re not military, getting shot at is getting shot at, no matter where you are.”

Sain said he knows “what it’s like not to have the equipment you need.” In 1994, Sain said, “I watched a guy hold a baby out a door through my sniper scope. I couldn’t see [well enough to shoot the man]; it was dark and I didn’t have night-vision equipment.” As Sain watched helplessly, the man shot the baby in the back.

Sain said he is determined to make sure no deployed military sniper will ever be in that spot — unable to do his mission or worse yet, in danger, because he doesn’t have the right gear.

So - go here, or here and Adopt a Sniper!

How can I not support it? I am, after all, the Imperial Armorer... even if I'm vacationing a little... on Friday - the Irish will once again set themselves to invade Canada via Detroit!

Here's the whole story from The Stars and Stripes.

Greater Love

In Combat, Marine Put Theory To Test, Saves Lives by Mr. Michael M. Phillips Marine Corps News May 26, 2004

AL QA'IM, Iraq -- Early this spring, Cpl. Jason Dunham and two other Marines sat in an outpost in Iraq and traded theories on surviving a hand-grenade attack.

Second Lt. Brian "Bull" Robinson suggested that if a Marine lay face down on the grenade and held it between his forearms, the ceramic bulletproof plate in his flak vest might be strong enough to protect his vital organs. His arms would shatter, but he might live.

Cpl. Dunham had another idea: A Marine's Kevlar helmet held over the grenade might contain the blast. "I'll bet a Kevlar would stop it," he said, according to Second Lt. Robinson.

"No, it'll still mess you up," Staff Sgt. John Ferguson recalls saying.

It was a conversation the men would remember vividly a few weeks later, when they saw the shredded remains of Cpl. Dunham's helmet, apparently blown apart from the inside by a grenade. Fellow Marines believe Cpl. Dunham's actions saved the lives of two men and have recommended him for the Medal of Honor, an award that no act of heroism since 1993 has garnered.

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The last day that Americans were appreciated in France.

June 6, 1944.

June 06, 2004

Navigating the Collection

Having all my gun pics in one category is killing my picture-hosting bandwidth, and must suck for you guys with slow machines/dial-up access. So, I'm experimenting with a new format. You guys have to navigate a few more pages, but they'll load faster and you can find what you are looking for faster, too. I also have converted most of the displayed photos to links, which dramatically decreases bandwidth usage, with the trade-off that you have to click some more. I think that's a fair trade for both of us - you still get the pics, and I don't have to keep buying bandwidth!

Sub-machine Guns
Machine Guns
Gun P0rn: A Naughty Expose' of the fiddly-bits.
General Militaria
Guns by Nation

And, of course, there is always the direct link to the Imperial Arsenal itself!

Visitors should also note the following caveats:

Periodic Goblin Warning (SM)

As a service to Goblins who are considering Seizing The Arsenal (this excludes LE types: y'all come with a warrant, knock [no no-knocks, please, the front door is expensive], take what the warrant specifies and we'll talk about it in court - just please take care of 'em, you know, periodic cleaning, oiling, etc. They're used to being spoiled like that) here is a periodic warning on Why Trying To Steal My Collection Isn't A Good Idea.

Note to thieves trying to figure out where I live: Once you do that, you've got to get past the living interior and exterior guard, the security system (hint, cutting the phone and cable WON'T help), and finally, if I'm home - me. WonderWife (TM) v3.x is also right handy with the Winchester M97 trench gun. I like that one because it's handy, will blow you into large chunks, but not pass through the walls of the house to annoy my neighbors. Hardwood floors, so clean-up is easy. I'm a reasonable fellow, if you surrender meekly or run away, that will be fine. Not interested in killing or maiming anyone unless you are dumb enough to attack me or my family. The furry members count, BTW. Do that, then I will clean the gene pool. Plus guys, impressive as it looks, it's not as valuable as you might think - and it would be very hard to move, since you would be flooding the market. Not to mention the fact that every dealer within a (classified) radius would have a list of serial numbers and descriptions within 24 hours (ain't the internet great?). Oh, yeah - did I mention that robbing licensees is a federal offense? The feds don't go overboard after little stuff, but whacking this collection would likely garner their interest - so choose your accomodations! Plus 'bangers won't like these - the ones that look like they can shoot a lot - can't, and many of them won't work properly if you hold them sideways like they do in the movies.

So, go find an easier target, eh? No - better yet - get a real job that has better fringes.

Periodic Disclaimer for anti-gunners and law enforcement surfers (I don't mind you LE types)
Heck, I don't mind the anti-gun types until they start trying to send LE types to take 'em away... here we go with the Periodic Disclaimer (TM):

Everything you ever see in photos here that I own is fully legal to own, federal, state, and local - WHERE I LIVE! Your mileage may vary, such as living in the Borg Collectives of California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, etc. Though ya might be surprised to find out what's legal where you live. I am a licensed collector (which isn't a license to collect, just to receive via the mails), and that only applies to curio and relic firearms. Fortunately, that's about all I want to own. On these pages I will from time to time share my toys, much like Kim du Toit does.

by John on Jun 06, 2004 | Gun Pics
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