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December 04, 2003

If you are here looking for the OIF Lessons Learned document...

Now that it's down so low and about to drop off, go here.

It's been busy...

But for you Regular Readers who are looking for new gun pics, I've got some stuff on the fire. I haven't forgotten you - I just had other things to do! Keep checking!

And thanks for hanging around (and even bugging me - you know who you are...) No! No! The rest of you - Do Not Bug Me!

December 03, 2003

More on dogs and people

Say Uncle has a nice rant on who's at fault in the mauling death of a woman in Colorado. He also manages to praise the 2nd Amendment and spank the community at the same time.

Who's at fault? Hint: Not the victim, not the dogs. Go read it and see.

His post furthers the thread that e-Claire and I talked about last week.

And Claire and Uncle *both* spank the press for the words they use in reporting these incidents.

While I'm grieving...

[self pity mode]...and trying to ignore the rapidly-cooling body of what was once the sweetest Golden Retriever in the world (don't argue with me, I'm not in the f*cking mood) I might as well read blogs that I 'roll.

Pam, over at Drowning at 2 Feet Sea Level Studios is enjoying her new job.

Juliette over at Baldilocks spanks the Lefties who will seize on anything to try to discredit Bush's trip to Iraq. Won't these people figure out that attacking the man ain't the way to win? Nope. At least I hope not.

Over at Madfish Willies (make me a strong Margarita - with Cointreau, wouldja? - and I need a shot of tequila on the side... for toasting her to heaven) it would appear that the Barkeep has caught the Puppy Blender in action.

Over at Note-It Posts, Dana (thanks for the note, ma'am) directs me to suck xxx left xxx. Shoot, girl - I'll do both - As soon as you get She Who Must Be Obeyed to give permission! (Don't waste yer breath or electrons!) Oh, wait. That was for the feminists! Damn! Um, can I be a feminist?

SGT Hook (how many of you know where the name comes from?) is saddened by a tale of children killing children. Not to miss a chance to act like a politician and exploit a tragedy for policy purposes... when are we going to ban pro wrestling? As a 'real' wrestler (meaning one of those guys you thought was pretty gay for all that groping in high school) I've been embarrassed and wanted them to drop the 't' and just spell it rasslin' for some time. RIP, little one, I know where there's a gentle Golden Retriever who will be happy to be your pal...

Eric, the Straight White Guy (are you sure, Eric - you seem to need to make sure we all know that...) tells tales of woe of living in a dry county down south. No wonder he hangs out so much at Madfish Willies that one of the barstools has molded itself to his butt....

Allah is, well, Allah.

The Curmudgeon is all over the map, as usual. Entertainingly, of course!

Jeff over in the Backcountry is sportslike, political, a little military and very orange. I think he favors some eastern football team or something, but I'm not sure. He did drop by tonight though, and for that, we thank him.

The Ghost of a Flea talks about Black Sabbath and Star Trek right next to each other. And dances, as well. We here at Castle Argghhh don't feel like dancing today. We're wallowing in self-pity, which is odd, since it's Mickey that died. I'm sure it was far harder on her than I. We do so like the mix of the Flea's academe, culture, anthropology, and appreciation of the Dungeon of Castle Argghhh!. It's alway nice when you run across a University Prof who likes and appreciates guns. Of course, the Flea is working his ass off at several jobs... so he isn't a typical tenured parasite, either.

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by John on Dec 03, 2003 | Furry Family Members | General Commentary
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Goodbye Mickey. I'm gonna miss ya sweetie

Pardon my self-absorbed Narcissism right now, but good god, sometimes entropy really sucks.

Mickey just died in my arms. I hate it when that happens. But I guess not as much as I'd have hated taking her for her last vet visit tomorrow. But I sure wish the damn puppy would quit playing with his squeaky-toy right now.

Goodbye, sweetie. When ya wake up, Ninja, Gabby, Sebastian and Little Guy will be waiting.

Entropy sucks.

by John on Dec 03, 2003 | Furry Family Members
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