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November 28, 2003

So, if I had a softer, feminine side, this is what it would be...

...after I got in touch with my inner bitch.

You are a Templar! You are a woman from the future
that loves to blow shit up. The world has been
destroyed by robots, so you have dedicated your
life to destroying them. You may even be a bit
robotic yourself. Go you!

What Kind Of Evil Bitch Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thanks to the Flea for the pointer. And the cool archeaology updates, too.

by John on Nov 28, 2003

Go Gran'ma Go!

Not all employees of the UN (well, she's a former employee, sadly) are wusses.

Jean Freke wields a mean sword!

For this, Grandma Freke is hereby awarded the 14th Century Landwarrior Award, for going medieval on some punks!

Profound thanks to his xiphiopsyllidaeic majesty for working yesterday while we yanks gorged. All Hail The Ethereal Flea!

Now to watch the story and find out she gets whacked by some magistrate for defending herself too energetically. The cynic in me awaits.

by John on Nov 28, 2003 | Gun Rights

Today in History.

1820 Born, Friedrich Engels, Marx's henchman & meal ticket, exploiter of the
workers. We go from the Communist Manifesto to The Black Book of Communism. Way to go, Fred!

1916 First German air attack on London, with Zeppelins.

1941 CNO signals all forces "Hostile action is possible at any
moment...." But no one really believed... just like us, on September 10, 2001.

And the usual hat tip to Strategy Page, and the US Navy for the picture on the right.

November 26, 2003

Maximizing the Maxim, Part VII - 2.

Good day, boys and girls! (Special handwave to Gunner and Sasa!) Two days ago we learned that the Sokolov Pulemyot Maxima, M1910, was HONKING HEAVY! And, as anyone who has ever schlepped a ruck, ammo, water, and weapon knows, troops don't like stuff that's heavy.

At all. So, in order to achieve that nearly 100 pound load for the gun, they took the thirty pound gun (with water) and put it on a 70 pound wheeled carriage.

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Today in History.

1926 John Moses Browning, gun maker, dies. His designs, both military and sporting, are still in production and service all over the world - and they've only been tweaked, mostly to account for new production techniques and materials, hardly at all in fundamental design.

1941 Japanese First Air Fleet sorties from Tankan Bay. More on this in 11 days.

1944 Himmler orders destruction of Auschwitz & Birkenau crematoriums. Proving that violence, this time in the form of the Red Army moving west, does indeed solve some things.

As ever, hat tip to Strategy Page.

November 25, 2003

Maximizing the Maxim, Part IV

Okay, boys and girls. Today's installment in "Maximizing the Maxim" concerns ammo cans and the things you stuff in them. Let's start with the older stuff.

Here is a WWII era Finn ammo can. As you can see, it has a cloth belt, essentially unchanged since WWI in design. There is an outside chance it started life in the Imperial Russian Army, but that's not likely. If it started life as a sovietski, then it was early - as we shall see later in the post.

The belt has a metal starter tab, to help you get it through the feedblock. The canvas belt has brass spacers that serve to keep the belt tight enough to hold cartridges (though a stretched belt could be rehabbed by getting it wet and letting it shrink (with bullets IN it). Every fourth brass spacer is extended. This is mainly to give the person doing the loading a visual cue about how far forward to push the rounds. The belt is thickened at the leading edge, so that the leading edge is roughly the same thickness as the rear with the cartridge in it. This improves feed reliability.


Next (below) is a post-war Finn ammo can, marked with the now-familiar (if you've read all this series) SA mark.

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Short and sweet.

I'm wordy. I'm pompous. I'm a bloviating windbag. I admit it.

So I appreciate a blogger who can communicate his point succinctly, like the Chaos Overlord at Chaos Central.

Here's what the excessively skinny fella had to say.

It is cold.

And it is snowing. It is finally looking like late November in Wisconsin. And I still can't carry a gun.

Damned hippies.

Go visit. He really does manage to jam a lot into a few words.

And I like his tagline: In terms of quality and content we promise nothing... and WE DELIVER.

by John on Nov 25, 2003 | Gun Rights
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November 24, 2003

Max the Maxim, Part Kolme*

I suddenly realized I've been a bad boy! I never gave you Max's stats! Of course, none of you ever asked for them, either, so I guess ya didn't care that much or choose (wisely, I might add) to do some research on your own. Here are some relevant numbers to the following discussion of spare barrels and carriers, and future posts about ammo cans, belts, water and lubrication cans and finally, Max's "wheels," his Sokolov mount.

Sokolov Pulemyot Maxima
Operation: Recoil operated, water-cooled, full auto only
Caliber: 7.62x54mm Rimmed (7.62 Russian)
Ammunition: Heavy Ball M1930; 185 gr bullet, 50 gr charge
Muzzle velocity: 2830 fps
Capacity: 250-round fabric, steel, or aluminum belt
Weight: 52.8 lbs, unloaded (Honking Heavy!)
Weight: 99.71 lbs, approx, with shield and water (Honking Heavier!)
Overall length: 43.6 in
Barrel: length 28.4 in, 4 grooves, right hand twist
Rate of fire: 520-580 rpm
Effective range: 1000m (1100 yds)

Okay, we can shoot 1000 rounds in under two minutes. In about 4 minutes we'll have boiling water, and in about 5 minutes we're gonna need to change barrels. Plus, we're pounding the heck out of his innards. How many of you put 1000 rounds through a gun, much less 5 thousand? Plus, he's HONKING HEAVY! I know, I display him up on a shelf about 4.5 feet high. I had to take him down to take pictures. Then I put him back up. He's heavy! Anyway, now do ya see why Max has all this cool kit? So, let's move on to spare barrels and the carriers that carry them.

These are Finn carriers. The Finns were willing and able to spend some time and money on their stuff. Let's turn the page and look closer.

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Maxim P0rn, part Deux.

Greetings once again, Gun P0rn fans! Today we extend the discussion of Max the Maxim by showing off his accessories, the usually overlooked area of collecting firearms.

Nothing makes a bureaucrat happier than to increase the soldier's load. And boy, were Russians good at it! Loading up, I mean. Not that they have a lock on it. Take a look at US light infantry on the march.

Let's start with Max's nice leather handbag shall we?. Well, okay, it's his gunner's actually. But when it comes to things like this, we should consider the gunner to be Max's personal assistant. Isn't this just precious? This is the Finnish version. The Russians preferred a nice canvas and leather number.

That's just so special! So, what does the good personal assistant carry around with him? Well, let's go check!

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