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November 20, 2003

Update on Max the Maxim

For those of you who were in here before 7:30 AM CST today or last night - some new pics and info have been added to the Maxim post. It's at the very end - concerning the fusee spring and cover.

Hmmm. I wonder if "Max the Maxim Gun Porn" will get me linkers from Google looking for the magazine? Almost like all those guys around the 'sphere who were writing about the Paris Hilton XXX Video floating around.

I'd never do that of course. That would be bad.

Off to the Nut Mines supervised by Evil Squirrels! See ya later.

Helping out a Buddy.

Since Blaster had trouble trying to buy ammo yesterday at his local K-Mart in Virginia,

I hereby donate 100 rounds of my 9mm buy yesterday to Blaster!

by John on Nov 20, 2003 | Gun Rights

November 19, 2003

New! Improved! Max the Maxim Gun Porn! What's not to like?

Alrighty, get ready for an orgiastic celebration of gun ownership. No humans were filmed nude for this feature.

Those of you, like Gunner and Ghost of a Flea, who have been following me since Beth and I first got started on Blogspot, will vaguely remember having met Max the Maxim before, when I blogged about helping all my lethal implements accessorize.

Well, via that post, you know Max's history. Let's lift the curtain on the newest Chippendale Dancer! A well-traveled M1910 Maxim Machine Gun...

Here he is, peeking from out behind the curtain...

Now shoo away the faint of heart and come behind the curtain for the rest of the show!

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by John on Nov 19, 2003 | Gun Pr0n - A Naughty Expose' of the fiddly bits | Machine Guns
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The Assault Weapons Ban

Ya'd think a presidential candidate with pretensions of trying to woo over middle-of-the-roaders and those a few steps farther to the right (and especially those southern voters) would have some understanding of what the Assault Weapon Ban (less than 300 days 'til the Sunset!) actually does.

But nope. They don't.

It doesn't ban the weapon used by Malvo for hunting people. Though many states do ban that weapon for hunting deer - because it's ineffective!

It does ban the semi-auto version of the AK-47 (full military config) which actually happens to fire a cartridge suitable for hunting deer.

See my other rant, here.

by John on Nov 19, 2003 | Gun Rights

It's National Ammo Day!

Today is National Ammo Day. Even though I have jury duty - I can still order ammo! Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. and so on... If you don't like those places, check here. Or go visit your local gun dealer, Wal-Mart, etc. But get some food for your little metal pal. And don't forget to send in your ammo tally!

Big Brass Band to Kim du Toit and Mrs. du Toit!

UPDATE: My final tally is 250 9MM Para, 500 .22, 480 .303. 480 7.65x54mm, 350 7.63x39mm, 250 7.62 NATO, 250 8mm Mauser.

UPDATED UPODATE. Gotta decrement my 9mm total. I made a symbolic gesture to help a buddy out.

by John on Nov 19, 2003 | Gun Rights

Is this like breathlessly cool or what?

I want one!

Hat tip to Strategy Page.

November 18, 2003

Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

There's a nice little point-counterpoint over at Say Uncle today.

It's gun stuff, and it's civil!


by John on Nov 18, 2003 | Gun Rights

Gun-loving Lawful Citizen Trusting Cops 1, GFW Nanny-stater paranoid distrusters of the public, 0

Cops making GFW's upset. What could be better? Jed at Boots and Sabers has a post about a police department running a gun raffle.

Money quote from the article cited by Jed:

"Tom Mannard, executive director of the Chicago-based Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, said guns like the CAR UTE Elite may not be on the banned list, but they basically are cloned replicas of assault rifles that are, like the Colt AR-15."

As Jed observes, any magazine-fed, semi-auto shooting the .223 round would in the broadest sense qualify as a 'clone' in terms of what makes it dangerous in the hands of someone who is already intent on violating the law. The rifle being raffled does not have the evil features of a bayonet lug (seen lots of use in drive-by-bayonetings and police asaults I might add - I thank the GFWs for having that feature banned), flash hider (vice a flash suppressor, which is legal and does essentially the same thing), and we can't forget the rifle-grenade launching capability (see comment about bayonets above). And don't get me started about pistol grips. Did you know they needed to be banned because they helped the shooter be more accurate? (sound of head imploding) Why, I'm ducking stray rifle grenades all the time (but remind me sometime to post about what a hoot it is to shoot tennis balls from a cup discharger - the thing on top!). Well, a certain combination of those features, anyway.

Apparently it's okay to mount your bayonet and shoot grenades if your rifle is bolt-action and or doesn't have a high-cap magazine and a pistol grips. Like the two rifles at the bottom of this pic... (sound of head imploding again). Depending on the courage of the politicians (and that statement is true whichever side you take) as of this posting, there are only 300 days, 15 hours, and 5 seconds left until the sunset of the 'Some Guns Are Ugly and I'm a Gun Fearing Wussy with Aesthetic Problems Ban', less accurately known as the 'Assault Weapons Ban"

Anyway, good on the boys in blue for walking tall.

If ya want to read the article in question, go read Jed's post and link from there!

by John on Nov 18, 2003 | Gun Rights

Oh, those crazy Germans, it probably embarrassed 'em to say this.

From a German who keeps a jaundiced eye on the german press and government, I get this email:

No chance for Iraqi asylum applicants in Germany any more, because "at the time and in the near future political persecution in Iraq can be ruled out." (German Interior Minister Otto Schilly). And who do we have to thank for this good news? Certainly not that naive, stupid Texan, that neo-conservative striving to rule the world, that slave to capitalism controlled by the oil industry, that unpopular ... George Bush?

Asylum applications in Germany from Iraq dropped significantly after the war, anyway.

Vielen Dank, David!

UPDATE: The King of Fools posts some analysis of the numbers.

Kewl. Good Gals 1, Goblins, 0

In response to Beth's post about my Gun Fearing Wussy, a reader left this comment,

Funny thing about that "compensation" thing is that Sigmund Freud, who gets much of the blame for that notion, actually stated that a fear of guns was a sign of arrested sexual development.

My response to that charge is to point out that if my wife had been equipt with that which a gun supposedly compensates for, she might not have needed one. We'll never know for sure, as the man who kicked in the door of her apartment left without making his intentions clear even tho her first two shots missed him.

I suspect either The Smallest Minority, Kim du Toit, or myself would be more than happy to offer up some training in combat shooting, in case there is a next time, and your Amazon doesn't wish to give two warning shots before firing for effect.

by John on Nov 18, 2003 | Gun Rights

November 17, 2003

More on the Italians serving in Iraq

Greyhawk, over at Mudville Gazette, has a great post on the human side of the attack on the Italian Carabinieri in Iraq.

I mourn the losses of the Italians as much as I do the Americans. And that will be true of all the casualties of the Coalition of the Willing.

Go read what the 'Hawk has to say.

November 16, 2003

Bounties? You want bounties?

So, Saddam is apparently expanding his "Bounties for Bodies" plan that is helping drive the Murdering Suicidal Splodeydopes in the West Bank and the Sunni Triangle.

Fine. Double the bounties. Throw in a chance at US citizenship. Drag in the Ba'athists. Offer the Ba'athists protection if they'll surrender. They'll like Gitmo, I'm sure.

Outing Myself

So, when and why did I come out of the closet?

That got your attention, didn't it? Beth probably just spewed coffee/margarita all over the screen and keyboard depending on when she reads this.

Not that closet. The one a coupla doors down. The I am a gun owner. I mean GUN OWNER. Lots of guns and other fiddly bits and I live next door to you.” closet.

What follows in not a criticism of you who stay in the closet. If you live in high crime areas, or a community with rabid anti-gun politicos and law enforcement, let prudence be your guide. My situation allows me to come out in a safe environment.

For years, I would get a new gun, clean it, research it, repair/preserve as needed, and into the closet it went, except when I would drag it out for an afternoon of shooting, or to show a friend. When I got the job as the military history instructor at the Field Artillery School, I started taking items from the collection into class. (This was a GOOD THING – it also meant that they no longer counted against my weight allowance when moving… whee!) For convenience sake, in an interior hall of the house I put up two four-gun racks and hung up 8 rifles. The rest stayed in the closet. No, I’ve never had a safe. My sister came to visit, with her three small children, as an overnight on their way to New Mexico to visit some friends. Oddly, she’s never been back.

Then I met Beth. She bought me guns. And she was tired of not having anyplace to hang her clothes, so she made me put them up on walls in the basement. She said she wouldn’t be as supportive of my hobby if all it did was cost her closet space. So, since the basement is reasonably secure, and had the space I did it. And I liked it. And I saw that it was good.

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by John on Nov 16, 2003 | Gun Rights

So, when can we officially declare it a clash of cultures?

I see the Raisin Seekers of the Gimme My Virgins! Brigades are at it again, bombing two mosques in Turkey. Y'know, how long has it been since western militaries stopped specifically targeting places of worship? Pretty much centuries. Yeah, they get hit by accident, and if the bad guy occupies one you are entitled under the Geneva convention to shoot back. But heck, our Rules of Engagement these days generally prohibit shooting back at sites like that unless you are receiving EFFECTIVE fire from that location. Given the general state of fedayeen marskmanship, you pretty much have to be within 100 meters and they have to have automatic weapons. So, it's easier to pull back to three hundred meters and not annoy some lefty media type (who hasn't seen the inside of a church in decades nor gives a hoot in hell about 'em if they're christian) and get them all upset about you shooting at some bassid in a church shooting at you. Sigh.

These asshats just go for the gusto.

These guys apparently aren't going to be happy until all churches and synagogues suffer the fate of the Hagia Sophia in May, 1453 or they're dead.

I say accomodate them. No, I don't mean let them have the churches and synagogues. No, I don't mean kill the entire Muslim world. But winkle the Raisin Seekers out, hunt 'em down, and kill 'em. Like the Brits did to the communist insurgents in Malaysia.

There is no compromise with these people. Go read Misha's rant on the subject. Westerners out of the middle east is only one step. This is war to the knife, and it's time to recognize that at a political and societal level. That doesn't mean we don't try to build bridges - but it does mean that some asshats don't get to cross, and the 'other side' has to push the bridge over from their bank, too. The Raisin Seekers? They just get to be fertilizer. I do not acknowledge any legitimacy in their claim of the right to rule me under Sha'ria. Bite me.