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November 15, 2003

In order to honor National Ammunition Day, I have to use up some.

So, to create the necessary space, I'll go shoot some up today.

A group of like-minded individuals from my Rotary Club are going to meet at a member's house and do a 'theme shoot'. Today is the Spanish American War. Krags, Trapdoors, M189X Spanish Mausers. I'm also going to take along my Inglis Hi-Power and my Enfield .22 trainer for later. A little history and coffee before we get cranked up, then go slaughter paper! I'll take my camera - if I get any good shots, I'll stick 'em up.

UPDATE: Shot a M1892 Krag, a M1893 Spanish Mauser, Springfield Trapdoor, Colt Peacemaker, Colt M1909 Revolver, Luger, Browning Hi-Power, M1A, No1Mk7. I used up about 150 rounds of 9mm, and about 100 .22 cal. So, now I'll have to go buy bulk 30.06, .303, 8mm Mauser, and other. And by bulk, I mean cases. Oh, yeah - except when I was showing off with the Browning, all rounds were in the black at 75 meters, standing freehand. Shot the Browning with the shoulder stock - it doesn't help much, and ensures your thumb will get whacked by the hammer. At least if your hands are as big as mine are!

by John on Nov 15, 2003 | Gun Rights

November 14, 2003

The Coalition of the Willing.

Blackfive has a post detailing those nations which are helping in Iraq.

The Associated Press reported it - but I only found it in the 'sphere. Thanks, 'Troop! This is exactly the sort of thing that drives lefty politicians and mainstream journalists mad about the blogosphere - we share this info out, whether they wanted us to or not!

Boer Mauser

Kim du Toit dropped in yesterday (electronically, not in person) to check out the bar where my Boer Mauser hangs. Since he was not surprisingly interested in it, I thought I'd post a few more pictures that ya'll can take a gander at. This is a M1896 Mauser made by Ludwig Loewe in Berlin. Many of these rifles never made it to the Orang Vrije Staat (Orange Free State) because the war started before they were shipped. Most (or many) of those rifles were eventually re-sold to Chile.

Not this one. He made it to the fight. Unfortunately (from a Boer perspective), the only reason we know that is because he was captured.

That's because the bridge of his receiver is marked S.A.T. 515. South African Trophy, #515, a New Zealand Army property mark. This rifle was brought to the US a few years ago - and being an antique, it didn't have to have an import stamp.

Here's a close-up of his receiver.

He has a straight bolt, though these rifles can be found with both bent and straight. He's also in the wrong stock (which is not unusual). He's in I believe an M1895 Spanish stock which is thicker than the original. Anyone have a spare M1896 stock, I'm interested. Chilean ones work too - though I would prefer one without cartouches, as I am reluctant to remove markings like that!

If you are a real geek, you can see in the pic that the stock is wider than the upper hand-guard. The rifle is also missing the slider on the range ladder, so I'm hunting one of those, too.

This is one reason I got into collecting. Regardless of what you think about the cause in which this rifle was usedn (or a Nazi rifle, or a Confederate rifle, or a commie weapon), you can get a real sense of connection to history (at least I can) by seeing, handling, caring for, and shooting these old guys.

Anyway Kim, this one's for you!

by John on Nov 14, 2003 | Rifles

Improvised Explosive Devices in Iraq

I've been forwarded an unclassifed brief on IEDs, Improvised Explosive Devices, being used against Allied Forces in Iraq. You military geeks will probably find it interesting.

Upshot of the brief is that we don't have enough of the right kind of stuff to deal with this problem - but it's getting better. We obviously are doing some shopping with the South Africans, who have a lot of expertise in this area, both operationally and in technology.

My read, it's going to get worse before it gets better - but it will get better (that's a pure military perspective, the political situation can change all that pretty quickly).

They (the goblins) are learning and adapting. So are we. Right now, I think the goblins are ahead, though not by all that much. As we redirect resources and effort to the problem, it's going to get harder for them to carry out these attacks. That doesn't mean they are going to end, for the goblins are clever to, they will also adapt.

Hopefully our approach to this is spiral - while we have people working to solve the problems, hopefully a different group of people is thinking like goblins - and we are trying to do some predictive analysis about how the goblins will adapt and evolve.

Click on the photo to go to the brief.

Update: Check out the comments, and follow the links in them to Blaster's Blog where he expands on my theme with his more extensive expertise.

by John on Nov 14, 2003 | Global War on Terror (GWOT)
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November 13, 2003

My, my, my. The 9th Circuit never ceases to amaze.

Via Volokh: The Ninth Circuit has held that the Commerce Clause can't be used to ban possession of homemade machineguns. They didn't make it a 2A issue - that would be way too out of character, but this certainly is a huge ripple in the debate.

I'll leave it to those guys to explain it better'n me. I'm still not moving to the 9th Circuit just yet.

by John on Nov 13, 2003 | Gun Rights

Girls and Guns.

Thank heaven I married WonderWife™! While NotWonderWife1™ and NotWonderWife2™ were gun friendly, neither of them were like this, or not only let me, but encouraged me to hang a gun in the kitchen.

So it was with sadness I read this over at Richard Poe's Mens News Daily:

A gun store clerk told me recently that many young men come into his shop offering to sell their entire gun collections. They dump the weapons on the counter and announce, "I’m getting married and my fiancée says it’s either me or the guns."

As the Curmudgeon, who tipped me to this, observes: Kim du Toit was right.

Fortunately, I married a woman who bought me a $900 Charger-Loading Lee Enfield (number 5 from the top) and Vickers gun BEFORE we were married. And let me buy a Maxim after we were married (she liked it because she likes corrugated water jackets). And all this other cool stuff. That's the test I recommend for you youngsters - if they won't let you keep 'em, or better yet, buy 'em for you and point out good stuff at gun shows - find another one. They're out there, trust me!

One last test before proposing - take 'em to a gun show and evaluate their behavior! But, seriously guys - if you take your gun rights seriously, and she demands that kind of sacrifice... you've probably got some other disconnects in that relationship, too. The same goes for you gals, too. Though I don't see too many gun girls hanging out with Franken-style men.

Oh! Yeah, I forgot - if you do surrender to the demand, and you are near Castle Argghhh! and have some curio and relic guns, drop by. I'll give you a better price than a pawn dealer will!

by John on Nov 13, 2003 | Gun Rights

November 12, 2003

I got an email from a GFW* today.

There I am at work, slaving to catch up to Bill Gates, when I decide to take a break, surf a blog or two (yeah, I've got that kind of job!) and check my email.

In it was a missive from a stunned GFW who apparently wandered into Castle Argghhh! by mistake and thought he had entered a house of horrors.

After the normal spluttering about how could something like my collection *possibly* be legal, he lowered the boom, after reading my Blackfive and Madfish Willie post.

"But quite aside from the frightening overdose of obvious over-compensation and excess hostility displayed in your "collection" and your "writing" I simply cannot believe you openly display a GUN IN YOUR KITCHEN, RIGHT ABOVE ALCOHOL!!!! How irresponsible is that? ANYONE can gain access to that gun and hurt someone! If you have children, you should be reported to Child Welfare!" (emphasis in original)

Well, gee. Lessee. What to do, what to do. I know! I'll post a picture of the bar!

See? Evil, ain't it? First off, I doubt there are too many critters who know what caliber a Boer mauser fired. And happen to be carrying rounds with them. Mine are in a safe, elsewhere in the house. So, I guess he could club me with it. Of course, while he's trying to swing a rifle around in the kitchen, I'm carving back with a butcher knife, and WonderWife is grabbbing the Trench Gun.
Or, maybe just the ClueBat®.The only kid at home is 18. Being law-abiding, he'd go for an SKS from the selection here, eschewing a handgun until he's 21. But then, being in college, he isn't home much. Then there are the dogs to consider, as well.

And a knowledgeable thief isn't going to screw with a very rare rifle (verified Boer trophy piece from New Zealand) and screw up his chance to sell it.

So, like as not, I'm going to take the rifle from a critter and beat him with it. If only to save him from Wonderwife®, who will probably reduce him to so much hamburger for screwing with HER KITCHEN!

Anyway, Eric, this Margarita's for you - and the unknown Boer who carried this rifle, and the Kiwi who captured it. Now, if all you want to do is lecture, don't bother visiting the Castle, either in person or in digits. But, if ya want a history lesson like I was doling out on Veteran's Day and other days, pull up a chair, I'll pour the first one. But bring a bottle or two - the collection ain't as expensive as it looks, but it ain't cheap, either!

Oh, yeah. WonderWife® will tell you there is no compensating or overcompensating - at all. Ask her.

Of course, I might have to wire it to the mounts if I ever invite the Corner of the Bar Gang over. Sheesh, even that pussified Marine might be dangerous!

*Gun Fearing Wussy.

UPDATE: How many of you noticed the brass tumbler on the table next to the bar? Ooooo! Reloading components! Call in the Black Helos!

Another Update: WonderWife™ doesn't like GFWs.

by John on Nov 12, 2003 | Gun Rights | Rifles
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Ah, the soldiers of Islam!

The Raisin-Seekers of the Religion of Peace are at it again. Since, apparently, the House of Saud isn't radical enough, the Holy Warriors of Gimme My Virgins! are now booby-trapping Korans so they'll explode.

I read the thing. In some respects, I can empathize with wanting to blow it up. But I get the same feeling going through all those 'begats' in the Old Testament, too.

Wonder what Allah (both real and the Internet Avatar) have to say about that?

November 11, 2003

When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not your friend, Part 1.

All right, it's Veteran's Day. Veteran's Day started out as a commemoration of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. The cessation of WWI armed hostilities. The war didn't officially end until the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, and the hostilities continued, breaking back into open warfare, into WWII. So, for all us Vets out there, it's WWI weapon day at Castle Arrgghhh! Even as we speak, I'm working on the Rifles of the Major Combatants! I'm going to keep this post at the top today, so if you check back to see the new stuff, just scroll down!

Update: Having had some time to think about it - I'm also going to include some of the little things in the life of the soldier. Today is about the warrior who puts life and limb on the line - and while I am going to showcase a lot of the weapons, I'm going to dig into the other boxes, and show you some of the other stuff of day-to-day life. So, start coming back mid-afternoon (got a business meeting to deal with first!) and see some more little bits and pieces of the life of the soldier.

Okay - what do all the things in this picture have in common?

Give up? They are all grenades, and they were all used during WWI. Many Nations went into WWI with grenades that required lit fuzes (though not the Germans). They came out with grenades we'd recognize today. I thought I would share a bit of my ordnance collection with y'all. Normal disclaimers apply - it's all legal where I live, which wouldn't be true if I lived in California - while they are all inert, they are not full of MT-5 epoxy filling. For the record, since I never intend to use them, if I was moving to California (I can't imagine why, I'd have to leave some guns behind) I wouldn't object to filling them - although persnickety collectors have a cow over that. Which is okay - they are allowed to have a cow. Or a moose. Anyway - let's lookit some engines of destruction!

Flash Traffic (extended entry) Follows... »

by John on Nov 11, 2003 | Ammunition | General Militaria | Grenades
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We interrupt this broadcast... talk a bit about trivial things. Trivial until you realize that the soldier's life is 98 percent boredom interspersed with 12 percent stark terror. Yes, I know it doesn't add up. The terror has a magnitude all it's own. Ask a vet.

Anyway, what do you do while you're sitting in the trenches waiting to go over the top or repel some asshole trying to ruin your day?

Easy. You pick your lice, treat your trench foot, and repair your uniform. With stuff like this:

On the left, german louse powder. Original. On the right, US foot powder, original, dated October 1918. It didn't make the war, obviously. Of course, if it did, it wouldn't be sitting in my collection, either? In the middle, a 'housewife'. That's what the troops called their sewing kits.

by John on Nov 11, 2003 | General Militaria
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The Truth, Laid Bare.

NZ Bear over at the Truth Laid Bear was doing some surfing last night, and came across a neat little updating counter like mine regarding the Ugly Gun Ban in my sidebar above the calendar.

The one the Bear found counts the cost of the war with Iraq. The one the Bear whipped up himself counts a more meaningful statistic:

Iraqis Tortured to Death Today By Saddam Hussein: 0

Go to the Bear's post if you want the link to the site counting the cost of the war. I don't feel like giving the guy the bump in links.

November 10, 2003

Here's a different take on Psalm 83.

I like the music, and the message.

Hat tip to The Commissar at Acepilots. The Commissar, a holdover Soviet along the same lines as Allah is in the House and Yahweh is in the House.

November 09, 2003

Cows with Guns.

Go here. Watch this. It encapsulates the concept "And unarmed populace are subjects."

From LeAnn at The Cheese Stands Alone via She Who Will Be Obeyed (and who buys me guns...)!

by John on Nov 09, 2003 | Gun Rights