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November 08, 2003

This is just a tease...

While I work on the rest of the post...

Suffice it to say it's about grenades and WWI. Modified Gun Porn™ is back!

Update: I'm still working on it! Hadda get that military geek stuff done, first!

Last Update: It's done! Of course, unless you came here directly from a bookmark, you know that already, since it's the first post of Veteran's Day!

Another reason I'll never live in NYC, legally, anyway.

HIH, Emperor Misha I, has a good rant about how things work in NYC thanks to the Sullivan Act (a gun-control measure enacted to keep racial undesirables from owning guns... a fact that doesn't bother liberal Gun Fearing Wussies).

Speaking of Gun Fearing Wussies - howcum the libs don't denigrate boycotting things when they want to do it? Oh, right, d-uh. They aren't about freedom. They are about control.

I have moments of cognitive dissonance when I run across their fear of the NRA. They portray the NRA essentially as this huge, megalithic bloc. True, so far. But they imply that it is composed of these deep-pocket gun makers and their corporate allies... except that most of the people in the shooting sports/firearms industry aren't Fortune 500 corporate exploiters with deep pockets. The NRA (regardless of whether you like how they are doing things these days, I have some gripes) is a well-run grassroots organization composed of lots and lots of normal (well, we think we are, "THEY" don't - "THEY" think we're monsters) people. This is what I think of "THEY".

Which of course is what annoys and scares them. Once again, a bunch of un-washed helots daring to argue with them about something.

by John on Nov 08, 2003 | Gun Rights

November 06, 2003

Guns just laying around the countryside for the picking!

Cute ones, like this ugly little spud of a 9CWT howitzer...

Or famous ones (if you're into the history of artillery, anyway) the Brit 5.5in howitzer of WWII...

Squat ones like this 64-pounder fortress gun...

Skeletal ones like this 12-pounder fortress gun...

Flash Traffic (extended entry) Follows... »

by John on Nov 06, 2003 | Artillery

Canadian Soldiers, Canadian Politicos.

I like canuck soldiers. They are always great to work with (as, frankly, are all Commonwealth Nation soldiers I have worked with). They live with their government, and gamely support it, as any soldier of a democracy should. One of the things I do for a living currently is work on an upcoming ABCA alliance exercise. ABCA is America, Britain, Canada, Australia. The ABCA alliance has existed since WWII, and currently all of it's member nations are fighting and dying in the GWOT. The Canadians may have declined Iraq, but they are in Afghanistan.

Canadian politicians, however, are a different breed.

Link from Little Green Footballs via Canadians Are Smug.

November 05, 2003

Entropy Sucks.

Fare thee well, thou good and faithful friend...

by John on Nov 05, 2003 | Furry Family Members
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