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October 18, 2003

What do you see?

According to a guy in Kim du Toit's email about Lugers what came to mind when he saw a Luger was "...was the image of its barrel pressing against some innocent's head." Hmmm. While I can understand his point, I see something different.

I see one pistol that encapsulates German military experience from the Great War to the reintegration of East Germany. Yes, from this picture I can tell this weapon spans the whole era. How, at a glance?

He has imperial proofs, aluminum base magazine, and the trigger is hot blued, not strawed (strawed is when the steel is in-the-white with some color from heat treating). More pics behind the curtain, even if I don't feel like blogging in a lascivious manner today. I'll do that tomorrow, with the DP-28 post.

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October 17, 2003

Dumb Collectors and Possibly Venal Cops

From the NEAL KNOX REPORT on Shotgun New's website comes this tale of jerk cops and dumb collectors.

‘Engaging’ Traps More Collectors

["Engaging", in this context, means collectors engaging in activities that constitute dealing]

By Neal Knox

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Oct. 20) – Eight St. Louis area collectors were indicted Sept. 28 for “engaging in the gun business” without a Federal Firearms License. They are the latest victims in the 40-year battle over the fuzzy definition of who must have an FFL.

[I have a collector's license. The definition of 'dealing' is fuzzy. Apparently deliberately so|

Vaguely defined “unlicensed dealing” carries more severe punishment than some willful violations by licensed dealers – plus the potential forfeiture of every gun in a collection, and the loss of gun ownership rights, firearms hunting rights, and often even voting rights – for life.

[True. Strange, but true.]

In addition to the ruinous legal costs of fighting a felony offense punishable by up to five years imprisonment and $250,000 fine, the St. Louis collectors – five of them 60 to 79 years old – have had 572 firearms seized.

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by John on Oct 17, 2003 | Gun Rights

Periodic Disclaimer for Anti-Gunners and law enforcement surfers© (I don't mind you LE types)

Everything you ever see in photos here that I own is fully legal to own, federal, state, and local - WHERE I LIVE! Your mileage may vary, such as living in the Borg Collectives of California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, etc. Though ya might be surprised to find out what's legal where you live. I am a licensed collector (which isn't a license to collect, just to receive via the mails), and that only applies to curio and relic firearms. Fortunately, that's about all I want to own. On these pages I will from time to time share my toys, much like Kim du Toit does.

If ya don't want to wait on me, go hit the "Second Amendment Shrine" link over there on the right.

by John on Oct 17, 2003 | Gun Rights

Periodic Goblin Warning ©

As a service to Goblins who are considering Seizing The Arsenal (this excludes LE types: y'all come with a warrant, knock [no no-knocks, please, the front door is expensive], take what the warrant specifies and we'll talk about it in court - just please take care of 'em, you know, periodic cleaning, oiling, etc. They're used to being spoiled like that) here is a periodic warning on Why Trying To Steal My Collection Isn't A Good Idea.

Note to thieves trying to figure out where I live: Once you do that, you've got to get past the living interior and exterior guard, the security system (hint, cutting the phone and cable WON'T help), and finally, if I'm home - me. WonderWife (TM) v3.x is also right handy with the Winchester M97 trench gun. I like that one because it's handy, will blow you into large chunks, but not pass through the walls of the house to annoy my neighbors. Hardwood floors, so clean-up is easy. I'm a reasonable fellow, if you surrender meekly or run away, that will be fine. Not interested in killing or maiming anyone unless you are dumb enough to attack me or my family. The furry members count, btw. Do that, then I will clean the gene pool. Plus guys, impressive as it looks, it's not as valuable as you might think - and it would be very hard to move, since you would be flooding the market. Not to mention the fact that every dealer within a (classified) radius would have a list of serial numbers and descriptions within 24 hours (ain't the internet great?). Oh, yeah - did I mention that robbing licensees is a federal offense? The feds don't go overboard after little stuff, but whacking this collection would likely garner their interest - so choose your accomodations! Plus 'bangers won't like these - the ones that look like they can shoot a lot - can't, and many of them won't work properly if you hold them sideways like they do in the movies.

So, go find an easier target, eh? No - better yet - get a real job that has better fringes.

by John on Oct 17, 2003 | Gun Rights

October 16, 2003

More GunP0rn™

I was busy yesterday, and will be again today, so my commentary will be light again (not that most of you come here for that...). Oddly enough, Misha links to my post yesterday, everyone comes here to look at the pictures, and goes back there to comment. Weird the way it works. Like reading your local paper and sending your Letters to the Editor to Time.

Anyway - as the discussion ran it's usual meandering way into a discussion of the various merits of which arm, which caliber, etc, Ironbear broke in with a comment "But absolutely nothing says "I love you" like a Carl Gustav M2 M550 round through the window..."

I was inspired. So here she is, that stocky little Scandinavian number, the M2 Carl Gustav 84mm RCL! So here's to you, Ironbear, GustavPorn™!

So, there she is on stage, all her bits covered, and the strap dangling deliciously akimbo on her shoulder. This little sweetheart was born in Sweden, and later emigrated to Israel. She came to the US after the IDF dumped her for another woman! Talk about miffed! She was dumped for her younger sister! She's still proud of who she is, and doesn't hide her identity from anyone.

Want to know more? Then come behind the curtain... no cover charge, no tip to the maitre 'd blog....

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October 15, 2003

A New Service! Custom Gun Porn™!

Having had requests from two of my loyal readers (and certainly Gunner is my most prolific commentator!) I've decided to add a new service to readers of this site. If, in perusing the Gun Pics™ you find something that interests you in more detail (and it can be stuff other than the guns, too) feel free to leave a comment or drop a note, and I'll be happy to work it into the schedule and show you dirty, nasty, greasy guns, up close and personal! Banned in many countries and some counties here in the US!

Today's inaugural effort is for Emperor Misha and Gunner. Sphagin's masterpiece, the PPSh41, Lahti's masterpiece the Suomi, and a french burpgun, the MAT49, designer unknown by me, but with an interesting feature of a fold-up magazine. To save space (and spare the eyes of the unknowing Gun Fearing Wussy who finds himself here by accident, and as an aid to my bandwidth-challenged readership (you know who you are, you niprnet types!), only one pic on the front, the rest will be "behind the curtain" in the extended post... no charge, and since WonderWife™ hasn't installed any Paypal thingy like she's threatend, no tips, either!

Here ya go, Master of the Universe!

A nice, 1942 PPSh41 and a complete, if missing the red star, M1936 helmet.
There's another shot here.

Now go behind the curtain for Gunner's pics!

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by John on Oct 15, 2003 | Gun Pr0n - A Naughty Expose' of the fiddly bits | Sub-machine Guns
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October 14, 2003

Big Bad Jihad Warrior.

The resident grouches at Curmudgeonly and Sceptical post a cartoon that adequately sums up my admiration for murder bombers who happen to kill themselves as a byproduct.

Of course, don't just read that one, poke around. Then come back.

A picture to please BradySchumerStein...

...because the weapons represented are in what would be their favorite mode for 'red state' voters, emasculated.


On top, in the background is the receiver area for a WWII-era Browning M1919 MG instructional cut-away. Yes, much larger than life. It's functional and complete, less the baseboard and the belt w/plastic bullets. Anyone know of some big red plastic bullets laying around, lemme know!

To the right of that is the butt of the DEWAT M1908 Madsen LMG, with the monopod for sustained fire.

Next in from from that, still on the right, the DEWAT M1919A6 is peeking his head up.

Next in is the DEWAT BAR. I may still yet spring for one of Ohio Ordnance's semi's.

In the center is a cut-away SMLE No1MkIII*. This is a beautifully done job.

The long wood thing is the haft of my saxon battle axe. The steel shaft is the haft of me swedish warhammer. Both of which can be seen to better effect here, along with the pretty SMLE cut-away and an australian armorers cut away, that had to have the barrel replaced to bring it into the country. Even though it wasn't shootable as-is, ATF still classifies the receiver as functional (not me, baby!) and therefore the overall length was too short.

October 13, 2003

Glock fun! Gun movie instead of a pic.

Here's a movie for you guys who like your firearms a little newer than WWII, with a nod to Vietnam.

This thing would be expensive to feed, but seems remarkably controllable, all things considered. You'd be close to invincible in a one-on-one, and probably scare the hell out of anyone in a one-on-one+x fight.

Ya'd need lots of practice, to make sure you had good fire discipline so you didn't get popped changing magazines.

Gee, izzat a bad thing? Lotsa practice? Not if someone else is paying the fodder bill.

It's almost enough to make me wanno get a Class III license. Can't get one any other way unless you're a cop or military, as they weren't available pre-86 dang-it-all!

Though I suspect if I were cops, I'd think twice about issuing these as a standard side-arm. It might tempt the goblins to ambush cops to get a couple. Since I don't run on that side of the fence, I have no idea how hard these are to get otherwise.

UPDATE: The Emperor has approved (see comment below). All LC's may now procure the new Glock Imperator for use in service of the Rottweiler Empire.

by John on Oct 13, 2003 | Pistols
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October 12, 2003

Scary Gun Pic o' the Day

Yesterday was a light blogging day. There were chores to do in the Household of the Imperial Armorer and Armorerette. Vet visit to keep the Exterior Guard™ in fighting trim. Pictured here is the Guard Captain training his new Scout.

Wonderwife™ v3.x's computer had serious virii problems stemming from the visit home last week of Good Kid™. Good Kid™ is now known unofficially as PCW™* for blowing up WonderWife's™ machine. Recovery operations here are nearly complete, with minimal overall damage, except the destruction of a day in my life.

Wonderwife™ also had many Coupons of Clever Parasitism™ from Shaitan's Department Store™, (Kohl's) which had to be redeemed before expiration. This required the printing of $123.00 in Imperial Scrip so as to ensure the $90 of Marketing Tool™ didn't meet a Fate Worse Than Death™, i.e., Expiry Without Redemption™ (Hmmm, didn't Martin Luther gripe about that, what with that indulgences thing?) As the Imperial Armorer scored a new Omelette Pan of Creamy Goodness™, this was okay. Then, attendance was required at our favorite local eating and imbibing establishment, the Barry Road Outback, where everyone does know our name, and our drinks are waiting for us by the time we get to the bar. Much good conversation ensued with our pals behind the bar, who make the girls of Coyote Ugly look like hags - before the first drink! And sometimes the Proprietor, Roger, will spring for a drink, and Once in a Blue Moon™, dinner!

Oh, I was posting a gun pic, wasn't I? Okay, here 'tis.

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