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October 10, 2003

Okay, gun pic - kinda.

I owe you guys a gun pic today. Loyal Readers® of this space know that I don't just collect and shoot guns. You also know that I actually prefer soldier-used weapons to "two-tone yuppyguns," my idols at Kim du Toit and Boots and Sabers notwithstanding. Hey, there's room in the hobby for all of us. As Madison said in Federalist #13.5.6x, "In my Second Amendment there are many rooms." True, he was blitzed when he wrote it, and his coach driver edited it out, but it was there, trust me.

Anyway, not just the weapons, but all the fiddly bits that go with them. To that end today, I give you the contents of the Vickers Medium Machine Gun Gunner's case.


From the top, leather gunners case, fusee spring, oil can, spare lock, spring balance (for measuring spring strength), pull-through, driver/pliers, multi-purpose wrench, wire mesh cleaning 'gauze' (brit term), another pull-through, muzzle protector, and the leather pouch containing spare springs, pins, and whatnot. I have two of these, both pretty much complete, one is just brand-new, never issued (boo, hiss) and this one, well used (yay!). Some point down the road, after Great Kid® returns the digital camera, I'll do a spread on the platoon parts chest (you may run away screaming now).

Busy Blaster, Master of Movies

Blaster just sent me another movie he made of SGT Hook's stuff.

Just under two megs. But I'd still right-click and save!

Moving Movie from SGT Hook and Blaster

Remember SGT Hook's Bridge Over Troubled Water post?

Blaster has set it to music and made a video (.WMV file)

If you don't have a fast connection, I'd recommend right-clicking and saving it. Even if you do have a fast connection - I recommend you save it and view it from the hard drive.

All I'm doing is providing another source of bandwidth. And since I'm not swamped with people, it might download easier here 8^)

Clear-eyed Canadian.

...and in the Media, too!

It's a long read, but worth it - how bringing down tyrants is a Good Idea in and of itself.

Link via Canadians are Smug.

October 09, 2003

Gun Grabber Watch.

Gunboards Public Message Forums - OT - Pennsylvania Gun Grab Bill...

Go read and see how Pennsy gun-grabbers are developing a way to take all handguns legally in circulation out of circulation - without a direct confiscation.

It's essentially like saying that any car, whenever made, that can't pass current safety and emission standards is forfeit to the state.

Of course, unless the highway patrol sets up checkpoints at the border, if this passes a hell of a lot of guns are going to get smuggled out of Pennsylvania, making criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens. Yes, yes, I know - a burglar who only burgles is 'otherwise a law-abiding citizen.'

You know what I mean.

by John on Oct 09, 2003 | Gun Rights

Hmmm. This Jane Bond thing could be serious.

The Poop Lobbing Chimp has a good post on the L'Affaire Plame.

Evil Implements used by crabby soldiers.

Trench warfare sucks (well, actual warfare sucks in any form - laser tag in the desert is fun). The high-muckety-mucks alla time want you to sneak over to the Other Guy's trench and do a snoop and poop and find out what General Patton's "Other poor dumb bast*rd" is up to. (Which is probably plotting about making you *his* poor dumb bast*rd, the bast*rd!)

Anyway, unlike patrolling in a fluid environment (see 'snoop and poop' above) getting through trenches is a pain. First, you have to low crawl through the muck to get to the damn wire, invariably stepping on some poor dumb bast*rd who forgot to duck three weeks ago and is a little ripe. Then, using some damn clumsy gizmo attached to your rifle (making it heavier, of course) you have to cut that stuff. Okay. Fine. Yer through. Now what? Well, dammit, if one thing is true about trenches its that they are full of people, running from Zeebrugge to Switzerland. So ya can't just bust a few caps, take out the guards, snatch a prisoner or two, clean up any papers and code books and skeddadle. No, ya do that, and some sorry bast*ards with a machine gun are gonna open up on ya, or their buddy hiding behind a shield is gonna take potshots at you while *his* buddy is dropping HE on your butt, or throwing grenades.

So, ya hafta be sneaky. And, frankly, ya don't like these jerks, cuz, well, here ya are out in No Man's Land when you could be home back in the world knocking back brewskis and banging babes and making babies to take care of you in your dotage. And, since you want to get home and do that stuff and *have* a dotage, unlike that poor dumb bast*rd we mentioned earlier, you have to be quiet.

What to do, what to do.

Ya do this:

Ya take a nice piece of wood, put a heavy lead top to it, stick four sharp spikes coming out the sides at the cardinal points, and one more on the top, so you can poke the poor dumb bast*rd with it. Then, because the damn shavetail loot is pissy about property accountability, you stamp the thing "Royal Inniskillings" so any dumb bast*rd who found the thing in his trench would be sure to mail it back to you. Yeah, right. He's gonna keep it. And since it's stamped in the lead part, he'll just mark it hisself. You just see if he don't!

Yep, that's what you did. That way you can be quiet, and get back to that dotage thing.

by John on Oct 09, 2003 | General Militaria
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A great philosophy.

If you came here from Kim du Toit or Boots and Sabers, my apologies - you 've already seen this. If not, read on!

Gun-Fearing Wussie: Why don't you gun nuts go away and start your own country?

Response: We did. Who the f*ck let you in?

'Nuff said!

Quote from one of Kim's rants, as recalled by Jed.

I know, it's kinda cheating to blog a blogger blogging a blogger, but, well, I liked it and wanted it in the archives. It's my website, eh?

by John on Oct 09, 2003 | Gun Rights

October 08, 2003

In honor of Dem defeat yesterday, let's do a gun pic!

Okay, here's stuff on the 'overflow' wall.

Alrighty then, from the top - a real scary one! Barely visible is a SMLE capable of firing grenades AND having the bayonet mounted at the same time! In fact, in order to loft grenades, you HAVE to have the bayonet mounted. I'm sure we'll be seeing these versatile weapons in the hands of gangs soon.

Next is another SMLE, this one fitted with a Parker-Hale target site, and acting as a holder for one of the bayonets. Below that is an Italian Vetterli-Vitali, one of the earlier magazine fed bolt guns. Below that is a Turkish Berthier carbine. Under that is a Savage-made Lend Lease No4 MKI, with spigot-type grenade launcher, and a brit version of the M31 grenade (light blue, inert dummy trainer), below that is a Long Branch (Canadian) No4Mk1, which, paradoxically, has a Savage bayonet on it. Next is the Japanese Type 94, complete, mum intact, monopod, aa sight wings. Battlefield capture, and marked by it's captor!
Bringing up the rear,a CE 42 Mauser, and last, but not least, a danish Madsen rifle. This one is Columbian, with the inletted disk. Madsen seemed to have a market analysis problem, producing a bolt-action rifle in 30.06 after WWII when the market was flooded with surplused arms, and everyone was going to semi/full auto with smaller cartridges. Didn't sell well.

Sorry for some of the cryptic descriptions - intended for the geeks who know this stuff. I'd explain better, but I have to hit the shower and go to work. Feel free to ask questions!

by John on Oct 08, 2003 | Rifles

October 07, 2003

We shoulda stayed and finished it.

This story out of Somalia. Some brave a**hole killed a 60 year old Italian humanitarian aid worker. Two bullets to the head. Brave, brave Sir Robin! No, scratch that. Sir Robin was a better man.

President Clinton called off the Rangers from settling the hash of oxygen-stealing scum like this.

Mebbe it was a good idea (I think not) - but man, I wish this low-life excuse for human DNA had been caught in the crossfire of the MD-500's ten years ago!

Hat tip to Jen Martinez for the link.

National Ammo Day is coming up!

So, go buy at least 100 rounds of fodder for your loyal sidekick!

I'll be getting hundreds of rounds - .45, .303, 7.62x54, 7.62x39, 30.06, and even some of those europellets Kim dislikes, 9mm.

And some 7.5 French rifle and pistol if I can find enough of it not at scandalous prices. Got some to sell? Drop me a line!

by John on Oct 07, 2003 | Gun Rights

First Time Shooters.

Kim du Toit has an excellent primer for people interested in breaking into shooting. Go take a gander. Then you can shoot the goblins breaking in.

Someday, when I find a spare afternoon, I'll put together a primer on how to collect military (heck, any) firearms (of the older variety) cheaply, safely, and how to have fun shooting them. Including some tips on surplus ammo (it ain't all created equal!)

But that ain't gonna happen until after the conference in England end of this month (no, the house won't be uncovered. Armed internal security will be present, in case you are thinking about getting an instant collection!

by John on Oct 07, 2003 | Gun Rights

Something a little different today.

The heart of today's pic is my Barr and Stroud No. 12 Rangefinder. This was used by the platoon leaders of Vickers MMG (medium machine gun) platoons to determine ranges to targets, so the guns could fire on them in defilade, or directly if they had to. Someday I'll do a long, boring post on how to hit things you can't see. I describe what's in the picture in the extended portion of the post.


Flash Traffic (extended entry) Follows... »

October 06, 2003

If yer here for:

Operation Gothic Serpent, go here.

If yer here for pictures of guns and other implements to make rude people more polite, go here, or click on the Imperial Arsenal of Doom™ photograph to your right.

Anything else, read on down and browse at will.

by John on Oct 06, 2003

Time for some Gun Rights Stuff.

And this is particularly easy, because I'm just going to link to Kevin at The Smallest Minority and his take-down of the Washington Post's editorial on allowing the Assault Weapons Ban to sunset. While you're there, keep reading on down the postings.

Gonna be a light day today, folks. Really busy, and I want to keep the Operation Gothic Serpent post up high for you guys that only surf from work! 8^)

by John on Oct 06, 2003 | Gun Rights

Okay, one pic before I head out.

This is a shot of my 81mm mortar, with the fancy sights, also used on artillery. Note the weld in the tube. (Can't shoot, LE/Shocked anti-gun persons!) I also don't have a base cup for it, though I'm making one (no firing pin, BATFE-types). The grey thing on the right is a Canadian 3inch training mortar. The bottom is cut out so that the round, when dropped, falls at your feet. Keeps the crew in position, too. 3inch mortar rounds are heavy.

You can also see the breech of the 57mm M18 Reckless Rifle to the left. Behind, from top to bottom are a US 3.5 inch bazooka with inert round, a PLO RPG-7 (thats a 7, no suffix, meaning iron sights, no rail for the scope). There's a B-40 rocket stuck in it because I hadda put the rocket somewhere. Next is a brit Mark X fencing musket, which is a spring-loaded pogo stick you used in bayonet training. next under is a Czech M98/22 Mauser. Barely visible between the M18 and the mortar is the front barrel-band of a Czech VZ-24 mauser. Next is an Egyptian FN-49 (not a Century hash job for those who know what I mean), and finally, one of my various variants of the Brit SMLE. Ya can barely see the next thing, which is a Swift Training Rifle, also Brit.

See ya later!

October 05, 2003

Israel Attacks Non-Existent bases in Syria.

Israel bombed bases we are assured don't exist.

Well, if they aren't there, no one got hurt then. Can't hit what doesn't exist.

Hey, don't look at me - I'm just using the same logic they are.