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April 31, 2003

Just because I wanna.

I'm doing this because I wanna, not because I was tagged, like Bill and SWWBO were. So I'll stick this in a nook (buried in the archives) and link it from the H&I post.

4 Jobs You Have Had In Your Life
As Bill noted - all y'all know about the Cop, the Soldier and the Consultant bits.
1. Food Service (sit-down get served type) Dishwasher, Busboy, Waiter, Sous-Chef. And I was a *good* sous-chef. I was getting 5 bucks an hour over minimum wage back in the 70's...
2. Food Service (drive through). I worked the grill at a Der Wienerschnitzel. That job was fun, too. No careers there though!
3. Retail Sales. Hobby Shop and College Bookstore.
4. Commissary bagger. Military commissaries have "tips only" baggers. My very first work (we wore white shirts and ties) was bagging groceries at the Commissary in Frankfurt, Germany. You could make $20 a day, $40 on payday, doing that. We generally got a nickel to bag, and a nickel to drag, per bag. Today I don't tip less than $2 to those guys.

4 Movies You Would Watch Over and Over
1. Zulu Dawn
2. Scrooged.
3. Trading Places
4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

4 Places You Have Lived
1. Germany. A lot. I was born there. I like Germany. I generally like Germans. I've never like German politics.
2. France - for six months of our 18 in France, we lived in a tiny hotel two blocks from the Arc d'Triomphe on the Rue de la Grande Armee. Wondrous hot chocolate and croissant for breakfast - then an hour-and-a-half bus ride (one way, all uphill and in the rain, of course - except when it was snowing) to Paris American School, where I was beaten with a ruler by Mrs. Rowlands because I wouldn't pray in class. I'd sit politely and quietly, but didn't pray. So I got whacked. Guess what - I don't care about prayer in school, even though I was beaten over the issue. My sister and I made money directing confused American tourists trying to read the subway maps.
3. Barstow, California. A great place to be from. Though I *like* the desert. Barstow is just the Town That Time Forgot, most famous for being the place where I-15 and I-40 merge, which gave the residents something to watch when it turned into a parking lot when holiday traffic coming back from Vegas and Henderson/Lake Havasu met at the merge. Thankfully, I was spending 21 days in the field at Fort Irwin, then getting 4 days off - and with 4 day weekends, you can go somewhere Other Than Barstow.
4. Schertz, Texas. Just south of where Sanger lives now. Memorable because I had left the family in Leavenworth while I did my terminal Army assignment with 5th Army, and lived in an RV in an RV park (*not* to be confused with a trailer park - there were quarter-million dollar RVs in there). Not ours, however.

4 TV Shows You Love to Watch (when I watch--which is seldom - just like Bill (so I reused the digits, Bill, get over it)
1. CSI
2. Two and a half Men
3. Reba
4. Repeat...

4 Places You Have Been On Vacation
1. N’Awluns.
2. All Over Europe. Advantage of being stationed there for a total of 15 years.
3. The West. My favorite place. From the Desert to the Mountains. With a real soft spot for Flagstaff-Camp Verde-Sedona.
4. The Northwest. Except for the Moonbat Infestation, it's a nice place, too.

4 Websites You Visit Daily--in no particular order and not limited to those four.
1. Villainous Company
2. The Corner on NRO.
3. SWWBO's
4. Sitemeter.
Heh. I need to get out more.

4 Favorite Foods
1. Standing Rib Roast, made by SWWBO.
2. Spaghetti with meat sauce, made by SWWBO.
3. Chili made by SWWBO.
4. Cherry pie.
Caveats: coffee’s not a food, it’s an essential nutrient. And "All the Meats" pizza is a condiment. <--- Almost exactly what Bill said.

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now
1. Mountains, anywhere.
2. Touring the Great Battlefields in Russia, Poland, and Ukraine.
3. The Smithsonian. The Udar-Hazy Exhibit. Ooo! Ooo!
4. A gathering of Denizens.

Not being tagged, I get to skip the *tagging* part.

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