April 01, 2005

Afternoon Tea

Sorry--Just back from Meetingheim. [*ahem* *chirp*] [*resuming flawless cricket mimicry*] For High Tea, we have a delightful selection of greens, decaf, of course, including Cherry Moon

Who am I, you poor, misguided man? A humble servant
of the Earth who does not delight in death and
destruction, unlike *some* people. Your bat-slaves
and roach-dependents would tell you if you could only
listen! Hear their subsonic pleas, the frantic
rustling of carapaces! All life is one! Someday
those countless hamburgers that you ate without once
thinking of the gentle creature killed to make it will
exact a reckoning!

Walk the day in joy,

Okay, what's--ooops--[*resuming resonant baritone*] going on and who keeps hijacking my posts? Hmmmmm...I sense the presence of e-e-e-villl...

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by CW4BillT on Apr 01, 2005