June 30, 2005

This Needs a read from Howard Dean...

OK...Ward Churchill's at it again (via Glenn Reynolds)...and here's my bet:

If Howard Dean is asked to comment on it (they won't, the cowards, unless John Stossel or a Fox News guy is in the room) I bet a coffee mug that the answer will not be clear, unmistakable version of, "He's a low-life and deserves to be fired, exiled and or otherwise isolated from civilized society." Instead, it will be (approximately), "Yeah, that was bad (a sop to the Dem minority that listenes to Joe Lieberman) but I can understand his frustration and the frustration of millions of Americans who see this war as a terrible and costly mistake." In other words, he still won't get it.

There's always that "but", isn't there?


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by Dusty on Jun 30, 2005