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February 18, 2006

We need some gun pr0n.

So, since we've had all this Schlussel-Misha kerfuffle, I think I'll post a link to the first ever gun pr0n post - which was for Emperor Darth Misha the First!

Hee!. This was written before I realized what using the word 'p*rn" would generate outta google.

by John on Feb 18, 2006

September 14, 2005

Since Blake mentioned Gun Pr0n...

Let's have some! Blow off a little of the dust here (whoooof!)...

Let's get down and get Suomi!

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by John on Sep 14, 2005
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March 04, 2005

Some little things...


THIS IS WHY YOU DO NOT LET DUSTY AND BILL INTO THE SAME COCKPIT!!!! Watch the whole thing. Just goes to prove that with enough power, anything can fly in about any flight regime. I'm in awe of the pilot, though.

Neffi - Yes, it's a Wilkinson. No, it isn't broken.

JustThisGuy - another one, just for you.

This one, just because I find it interesting.

Coming up on Sunday... Stand your ground.

Lastly, Nunya assures me I'm going to hell for telling lies about WMDs in Iraq - setting aside the issue of you have to *know* it's false to be telling a lie, Nunya is still sure I'm going to hell for the evil I've caused in regard to the War. Nunya sure gives me lots of credit. I don't recall issuing a 'go' order, but who am I to argue with such scintillating logic and analysis? I supported the war. I support the war. I acknowledge things could have been done better. I have *never* seen a war that couldn't have been run better, believe me. But that's all very clear only in hindsight. So - I still support the war. Here's why. As Gerard Baker put it in The Times (UK) today:

"What have the Americans ever done for us? Liberated 50 million people..."

It’s too early, in fairness, to claim complete victory in the American-led struggle to bring peace through democratic transformation of the region. Despite the temptation to crow, we must remember that this is not Berlin 1989. There will surely be challenging times ahead in Iraq, Iran, in the West Bank and elsewhere. The enemies of democratic revolution — all the terrorists and Baathists, the sheikhs, the mullahs and the monarchs — are not going to give up without a fight.

But something very important is happening now, something that will be very hard to stop. And, although not all of it can be directly attributed to the US strategy in the region, can anyone seriously argue that it would have happened without it? Neither is it true, as some have tried to argue, that all of this is merely some unintended consequence of an immoral and misconceived war in Iraq.

Read the rest, here.

Just sayin'.

Hat tip to Larry P. for the pointer to the article. I need more readers - as in people who read and forward... makes life so much easier!

Update: A tough end for an old sailor... but serving to the last! Hopefully the scuttling charges *will* be needed.

And another twist in the saga of Terry Schiavo.

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by John on Mar 04, 2005

March 03, 2005

Speaking of phosphor bronze...

JustThisGuy - ya mean, kinda like this?

by John on Mar 03, 2005

March 02, 2005

Gun Pr0n

I'm busy, got something working I may get to later, depending on how work goes!

In the meantime, to tide you over. Gun Pr0n. The STEN Mark II, product of Messrs Smith and Turpin, at ENfield. Cheap, easy to make, simple, and remarkably reliable sub-machingun the Brits and Commonwealth forces used during WWII and beyond. I've fired both a STEN and all the major versions of Thompson guns - while I prefer the .45 cartridge to the 9mm, I vastly prefer the STEN as a weapon for ease of carry and use. So - given my predjudices on caliber, it's not surprising that I am such a fan of the US M3 Grease Gun.

Click the picture for hi-res. This shows the weapon with bolt forward.



by John on Mar 02, 2005

February 03, 2005

Here's a quiэkie

The rocket shot was late, somewhat noisy, and pretty much invisible, due to the cloud cover. Still, kinda cool.

For those of you who still check in because there are reputedly gun pictures here, this one's for you. A Classic:

The Erma Maschinen Pistole 40 - popularly called "The Schmeisser," even though it was designed not by Hugo Schmeisser, but by Ernst Vollmer at Erma.

This particular weapon is in the collection of the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, Ga. (Sorry, they aren't all captioned - that takes a LOT of time!)

by John on Feb 03, 2005
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December 22, 2004

Gratuitous Gun Pic

Hey, they may be ugly, and the MAS38 may have shot a worthless cartridge, but French SMGs weren't all bad.

The MAT49 at least folded up nicely.

Hi-res here.

by John on Dec 22, 2004

December 21, 2004

Gratuitous Gun Pic

I'm still dealing with my hardware problem, so here's a gratuitous gun pic to make your visits worthwhile... along with all that good stuff from Dusty!

A French MAT 49 SMG.

Hi-res here, if you want it.

by John on Dec 21, 2004

November 29, 2004

A little more Fallujah news.

Know someone who fought at Fallujah? Know someone who didn't, but is in awe of the fight and fighters? Know someone who likes to collect comparatively rare t-shirts?

Look no farther! The wife of a deploying National Guardsman has designed a shirt to fit your needs!

LollaFallujah 2004

Her eBay store can be accessed here.

Hat tip to Myron for the pointer!

Regular visitors to the Castle know about the Arsenal. And the fact that the Armorer generally eschews new firearms for those that have a firmly established history.

The Armorer is pleased to see that US troops serving in Fallujah share his tastes, and are making use of an oldy-but-goodie, the PPSh 41, the Russian 'burp gun.' Although, given the source of most Iraqi weapons, this one is probably actually chinese, the Type 50.

Hat tip to Chris C. for the pics.

Next, Strategy Page has two interesting bits on Fallujah:

1. Some analysis of how we went about it. Fallujah, the Plan Survived Contact with the Enemy.


2. Jim Dunnigan's thoughts on how Iraq may represent a tipping point in how Muslims are forced to view the world.

Update: Doug MacGregor continues his habit of not making friends. In the last link, he continues to show that truth-telling to power never is a very popular job that gets you promoted - just like John Boyd found out. Interesting views expressed herein - and I'm not in a position to strongly agree or disagree, but I find the viewpoint, well, interesting, and I freely admit I'm always having to fight with myself to keep an open mind and *not* get locked into a "Waterloo Mentality."

by John on Nov 29, 2004

September 03, 2004

Room clearing.

Click the pic for hi-res.

In this post, Nicholas of Quotulatiousness offered this comment:

Ah, yes, the Sten. Best room-clearing device since the Mills bomb. Just put in a fresh magazine, cock the bolt and throw it into the room. Oh, and make sure you're behind something bullet-resistant. Fortunately, by the time I was issued a sub-machine gun, they'd upgraded to the Stirling SMG instead, so I never had the opportunity to find out if this was actually true from first-hand experience.

This comment isn't as silly as it sounds (though I'd argue the penetrative capacity of the 9mm round... but Kim du Toit does it sooo much better). The Stirling has a positive safety on the grip that interrupts the ability of the trigger to trip the sear. The Sten does not. The Sten has the same kind of safety that the MP40 has - a notch in the receiver. That's it. In firing configuration, it looks like this.

So, it *is* theoretically possible to load it, cock it, and toss it in the room. But - not only does it have to hit on the butt (gotta move the bolt to the rear) it has to hit hard enough to move the bolt back against the spring with enough force to hit the back of the notch and move down into the full slot - and the sear has to be worn enough to not stop the bolt on it's movement forward (notice how the bolt in the second picture is stopped forward of the notch). A weapon in that bad a shape probably was a candidate for replacement or refurbishment anyway... Doesn't mean it didn't happen - but it would take a soldier brave stupid enough to throw away his weapon hoping for a little blessing (actually, a large blessing) from the Gods of Statistics, who are a famously fickle bunch. I'll stick with a Mills Bomb.

Anybody got good stories about it being used this way - especially published ones, I'd love to hear them! And to meet the man who did it - especially on purpose!

by John on Sep 03, 2004

September 02, 2004

Too Much Politics!

Need gun fix?

Here ya go.

Click the pic for hi-res.

Some STENs and a PPSh 41.

by John on Sep 02, 2004

October 15, 2003

A New Service! Custom Gun Porn™!

Having had requests from two of my loyal readers (and certainly Gunner is my most prolific commentator!) I've decided to add a new service to readers of this site. If, in perusing the Gun Pics™ you find something that interests you in more detail (and it can be stuff other than the guns, too) feel free to leave a comment or drop a note, and I'll be happy to work it into the schedule and show you dirty, nasty, greasy guns, up close and personal! Banned in many countries and some counties here in the US!

Today's inaugural effort is for Emperor Misha and Gunner. Sphagin's masterpiece, the PPSh41, Lahti's masterpiece the Suomi, and a french burpgun, the MAT49, designer unknown by me, but with an interesting feature of a fold-up magazine. To save space (and spare the eyes of the unknowing Gun Fearing Wussy who finds himself here by accident, and as an aid to my bandwidth-challenged readership (you know who you are, you niprnet types!), only one pic on the front, the rest will be "behind the curtain" in the extended post... no charge, and since WonderWife™ hasn't installed any Paypal thingy like she's threatend, no tips, either!

Here ya go, Master of the Universe!

A nice, 1942 PPSh41 and a complete, if missing the red star, M1936 helmet.
There's another shot here.

Now go behind the curtain for Gunner's pics!

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by John on Oct 15, 2003
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October 12, 2003

Scary Gun Pic o' the Day

Yesterday was a light blogging day. There were chores to do in the Household of the Imperial Armorer and Armorerette. Vet visit to keep the Exterior Guard™ in fighting trim. Pictured here is the Guard Captain training his new Scout.

Wonderwife™ v3.x's computer had serious virii problems stemming from the visit home last week of Good Kid™. Good Kid™ is now known unofficially as PCW™* for blowing up WonderWife's™ machine. Recovery operations here are nearly complete, with minimal overall damage, except the destruction of a day in my life.

Wonderwife™ also had many Coupons of Clever Parasitism™ from Shaitan's Department Store™, (Kohl's) which had to be redeemed before expiration. This required the printing of $123.00 in Imperial Scrip so as to ensure the $90 of Marketing Tool™ didn't meet a Fate Worse Than Death™, i.e., Expiry Without Redemption™ (Hmmm, didn't Martin Luther gripe about that, what with that indulgences thing?) As the Imperial Armorer scored a new Omelette Pan of Creamy Goodness™, this was okay. Then, attendance was required at our favorite local eating and imbibing establishment, the Barry Road Outback, where everyone does know our name, and our drinks are waiting for us by the time we get to the bar. Much good conversation ensued with our pals behind the bar, who make the girls of Coyote Ugly look like hags - before the first drink! And sometimes the Proprietor, Roger, will spring for a drink, and Once in a Blue Moon™, dinner!

Oh, I was posting a gun pic, wasn't I? Okay, here 'tis.

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by John on Oct 12, 2003