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May 15, 2006

Announcing a new group blog...

Milblogs DB - conceived and hosted by Greyhawk. It's a whole H&I Fires milblog, vice a single post over here.

I am pleased to have been asked to join.

I have already raised the level of discourse by simply posting. The Navy doesn't have enough to do and were taking the place over.

Not that Greyhawk and Andi weren't trying to stem the tide.

by John on May 15, 2006

February 28, 2006

Confederate Yankee strikes gold.

Mind you, to the Armorer, this would be an unmitigated disaster. I don't need my heinie going that far up the flagpole.

Bob gets interviewed by the Washington Post.

But wait - there's more!

He's *guest blogging* too.

The Armorer fights off Al-Reuters and one other MSM entity that has extended an invitation. Simply put - I don't want the exposure at that level. This isn't going to replace what I do for a day job, but it could *cost* me the day job if I'm not really really careful.

So, I stay out of this level of stuff. And, refuse once or twice, they quit asking, and you sink back into safe obscurity.

But Bob would like very much for this to be a paying gig - so Get Some, Dude!

At least I'll be able to say "I knew him when."

by John on Feb 28, 2006

February 18, 2006

BTW - The Milblogger Conference

Due to a change in the dates of my trip to Korea - SWWBO and I *will* be attending the 1st Milblogger Conference.

I see a few other names from these parts I recognize, too.

That is all.

by John on Feb 18, 2006

Debbie Schlussel and the Incredible Expanding Ego.

Debbie Schlussel's behind-the-scenes meltdown continues. First, it was Misha. Then, she went after me. Now, it's SWWBO. Sheesh woman - leave it alone already, or is this all a part of a Frank J-style agitprop campaign to get noticed? If so - aren't you supposed to pick on *big* bloggers? It worked for Frank. Snerk.

I think my favorite part is that Ms. Schlussel, who is snap-shot quick to accuse others of not doing their research, returns fire so fast that she has thus far managed to think I was Danish (conflating me with Misha) and that SWWBO is married to Misha (News to me, Mrs Rottweiler Emperor, Misha, and SWWBO - for the record, no polyamory here in the Emperor's Demsne)! I'm guessing it would *not* be a good idea to go hunting with Ms. Schlussel. She seems to have attended the Dick Cheney Bird Hunting School.

Debbie - just let it go.. Your expanding ego is dissipating like a gas - and in so doing, becomes less dense and more insubstantial. Picking fights with Misha and SWWBO is really like wrestling with a pig: you get muddy and the pig enjoys it

Update: Um, I don't think Ms. Schlussel is going to like this one, by Loyal Cit Ranger 6 either. Wrestling with pigs, Debbie. Wrestling with pigs.

Update: SWWBO is tired of wrestling, I think...

by John on Feb 18, 2006
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January 06, 2006

We would be remiss...

If we didn't mention He Who Named Us, and the first Big Blogger to link us, lo, those many visits ago...

- Emperor Darth Misha the First!

On whose Council we sit, and to whom we are - Sir John the Merciless, The Imperial Armorer.

There had to be an Imperium to Arm, no?

The road to one million started with his beneficence!

Heh. I remember when he went over 1 million. Which was 3.4 million visits... ago! The Emperor still rulez! Long Live the Emperor! Long Live the Rottweiler Empire!

by John on Jan 06, 2006

October 09, 2004

Post-Second-Debate Morning Reads.

The Linker of Worlds (Allahpundit) has a round-up of debate responses that I'm not going to top, so I won't try. I'll just link it. Sounds to me like a Bush win. For the Record: The Armorer ain't watching any more debates. My Doc says they don't make blood pressure meds powerful enough that wouldn't also turn me into a puddle of goo. Having wandered around the blogosphere and roaming through the punditocracy it looks to me like Bush probably did a pretty good job overall, but he didn't score the points, nor do so in the fashion, that the pundits would have. Note to pundits: That might be why he's in the debate, and you're just watching it. Just sayin'.

AlphaPatriot notes something that happened in the Other End of the Quagmire. And these people are facing a lot more intimidation than that currently being possibly orchestrated by the AFL-CIO. Then there's this: The Euro ain't what it was promised to be.

Baldilocks is also election-blogging.

BlackFive has a post up with some Iraqi-American thoughts on Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Someday, Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities will pick on us, too. But it's a hoot who he picked on this time!

Brain Shavings notes that if you live in a war zone, you probably shouldn't play war...

Over at Ghost of A Flea, admiration for Tony Blair. I will say this - Blair has grown in the job more so than Bill Clinton ever grew in the job. Of course, a war does that to you. Just as it did Bush.

The Flea also points to a little snippet about Anglo-Saxon doctors...

The Armorer is a bad, bad, Armorer. I was so self-absorbed I forgot to point out the Red Ensign Standard #6 is up! Go read the musing of militant Canadians!

Michelle Malkin discusses the why's of the much ballyhooed flu vaccine shortage this year.

Say Uncle points out that the most anti-gun states are, oddly enough, the most lax in enforcement of their gun laws...

She Who Will Be Obeyed points out that the Carnival of the Recipes is up (Instalanche-fodder, go volunteer to host!)

Last, but not least: triticale makes a simple observation reference pre-emptive action.

by John on Oct 09, 2004
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