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November 29, 2005

Interesting tidbits.

Hmmm, it *isn't* the poor and disenfranchised who are joining the services. Just saying it's so doesn't make it so.

H/t, Ry.

Inventive minds at work... on eavesdropping... *this* one is going to annoy teens... if you watch Emeril, you know he's always telling you to hit on the cable company for smellivision, right? It's on the way... lastly, another competitor for space in the artillery's basic load - mine clearing rounds. Of course, now you have all those darts for the kids to hurt themselves with - or me to hurt myself with, given my track record...

Speaking of inventive minds... Snerk!

Heh. Ted Turner says Iraqis are not better off than before... Senator Joe Lieberman, just back from Iraq, has a slightly different view. Ted hasn't been there, has he? But - could they both be right? Just like the surgery patient at the moment isn't in the best of health... but is on the mend? Just sayin'.

I see Lex is back. Good.

For a change of pace: Anybody know what this is? A new addition to the Castle Munitions exhibit. It's a milestone piece of ordnance, albeit it had a brief life.

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So, research away! Unless you're a grognard and already know...

Update: Ken and Fred got it at pretty much the same time. But CAPT H got it first, and in detail:

A version of the Armour Piercing- Composite, Rigid projectile. In this case, the round is fired through a tapered bore barrel; the two flanges are squeezed into the main body, and the velocity of the round increases. "...was the squeezebore gun, of which there were two basic types; the Gerlich and the Littlejohn. In both, a projectile fitted with flanges to fit a large caliber barrel was squeezed down to a smaller caliber before it left the muzzle." Geek Warning!

Looks like yours is a 28/20mm for a Gerlich tapered bore gun (2.8cms PzB41?).

Got it in one, John.

by John on Nov 29, 2005

September 18, 2005

All better now.

If you were by here earlier and wondering if we'd slipped over into Real Estate sales... nah. Hosting Matters burped and forgot to re-register our domain name.

Our apologies, sometimes the billing system does not properly renew domains. Renewed now, will be resolving within a few moments. Regards,


The nice lady fixed the problem... but I gotta tell ya, there was some pull to just lettit go...

On a completely unrelated note... as I was sitting here doing some photoshopping that will prolly get me fired... snerk! I had a thought regarding Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin.

How convenient that they got to ship off a huge chunk of their now-disgruntled voters... so they can't vote against 'em in the next election. Still plenty left, I'm sure, but I bet Al Gore and John Kerry looked at that and thought to themselves... hmmmm. A few voters here and there...

Update: Heh. I see I was *slightly* ahead of the curve.

Let's have a look at the Denizens. Even is some of 'em have been AWOL lately...

AFSis takes a break from Disaster Kitty work and gives us an update on Katrina evacuees from her neck of the woods... including the guy who walked to Cincinnatti from New Orleans.

Punctilious goes to school.

Castle Adjutant Barb has taken leave and is climbing in mountains in Switzerland. IN mountains. She's also shilling for the Analog Kid's new e-postal shooting match.

SWWBO has been discussing sexism as well as Cindy Sheehan.

Fuzzybear Lioness is trolling for Neffi, Bill, and Dusty. On a more serious note, she's been ruminating on Neptunus Lex's post on on the dilemma facing the warrior, as aptly expressed by General Lee, "It is well that war is so terrible -- lest we should grow too fond of it."

Kat, either up early or late to bed, notes that while we've been obsessing about Katrina and who's at fault - the Afghans have been getting on with business.

The Snarkatron has also taken leave, and is, at last report, at the Outpost, doing an Inspection of Firebase Rockford.

Jack is being Jack, poking fingers into all eyes! Even-handed is our Jack! (gotta read the comments).

MSG Keith discusses 6 degrees of separation, military style. Careful, Keith - you're hanging with a lotta gunners!

Heh again. I had some troubles this morning... including losing *this* link to Alan taking a lawerly look at Renee Zellweger... which is just as well, because after being twitted in the comments, I went back and found this - Jetsicles!

by John on Sep 18, 2005