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December 14, 2006


News of the Kansas Guard.

Serving one’s state and nation runs in Bill Knitig’s family. Knitig is a former Marine and member of the Kansas National Guard, retiring from Detachment 1, 170th Maintenance Company in Goodland in 2000. Picking up his mantle of service are three members of his family: his daughter, Patricia Langley; her son, Jack Mayfield and Knitig’s son-in-law, Damon Rickard, who made the decision to enlist in the Kansas National Guard together. The three are from Grainfield, east of Colby.

All three will begin the process to become members of the Kansas National Guard on Friday, Dec. 15 at the Military Entrance Processing Station in Kansas City, Mo., 10316 NW Prairie View Road.

For Langley, the decision to join the Guard came because “It was time for a change in my life, plus I wanted to do something to serve my country.”

“I kind of toyed with the idea of joining back in 1990,” said Langley, but her life’s circumstances weren’t right for her at that time. “My daughter was just a year old, then. I did go to vo-tech at that time.”

Langley, who just turned 39, said that the education benefits offered by the Guard played a part in her decision to join, in addition to the extra income and the chance to learn a new skill. Langley will be joining the 170th Maintenance Company in Goodland. She said she’d like to go into vehicle maintenance.

“I thought about maybe learning refrigeration,” she said, “but now I think I’d like to go into electrical generator repair.”

Langley said she’s received a lot of support from family and friends regarding the decision to join. She hopes to make the Guard a new career. “I’d like to retire with it,” said Langley.

Good on 'em.

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by John on Dec 14, 2006 | TrackBack (0)

October 20, 2006

Non-citizens using military service as a path to citizenship.

Just go scan the whole 19 Oct thread in The Corner for the details. Start here and move up.

I sent Stanley Kurtz this comment:

Just as in Heinlein’s Starship Troopers, non-citizen warriors who obtain their citizenship through service and sacrifice will treasure it more than the doughy yuppie spawn who look down on the soldiery in general will ever value the citizenship bestowed on them by their native birth.

Just sayin’

Jonah’s Military Guy

Stanley said in response:

Sounds right to me. Thanks much.
by John on Oct 20, 2006

August 26, 2006

Go Read This...

Thanks to Instapundit, I ended up here trying to unwind after several trips around the country when most of you are asleep.

I'm not posting much anymore 'cause I don't have too many profound thoughts and feel it's fairly rude to impose on people--I'm smart enough to know my limitations and to just keep quiet and watch...usually.

But this struck a chord--one that resonates and one that pretty much nails the hearts of darkness that beat in this country today. The link is a monster fisking, or more accurately, the fisking of a monster.

The victim wants people to die so his political party will be brought into power.

As I read it, images of my daughter flashed through my head; images of my country, so vast and beautiful from 35,000 feet on a summer afternoon or quiet early morning, full of the people I have served and am still serving in another capacity today who only want to be left alone, raise their kids, love their spouses, honor their country and worship their God. And this man wants them hurt (his attempts to deny ring hollow in the extreme)--enough at least so that the survivors will put people in power with whom he agrees.

Any volunteers? How about your wife? Your child?

God help the Democrat Party. God help us. God help him.

P.S. It wasn't a mistake that I filed this under "Citizenship."

by Dusty on Aug 26, 2006
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May 17, 2006


The Zen continues.

The Irish Volunteer. My name is Tim McDonald, I'm a native of the Isle, I was born among old Erin's bogs when I was but a child. My father fought in " 'Ninety-eight," for liberty so dear; And he fell upon old Vinegar Hill like an Irish volunteer. Chorus

Then raise the harp of Erin, boys,
the flag we all revere--
We'll fight and fall beneath its folds,
like Irish volunteers!

When I was driven form my home
by an oppressor's hand,
I cut my sticks and greased my brogues,
and came o'erto this land.
I found a home and many friends,
and some that I love dear;
Be jabbers! I'll stick to them
like bricks and an Irish volunteer.


Then fill your glasses up, my boys,
and drink a heartycheer,
To the land of our adoption
and the Irish volunteer!

Now when the traitors in the south
commenced a warlike raid,
I quickly then laid down my hod,
to the devil went my spade!
To a recruiting-office then I went,
that happened to be near,
And joined the good old "Sixty-ninth,"
like an Irish volunteer.


Then fill the ranks and march away!--
no traitors do we fear;
We'll drive them all to blazes,
says the Irish volunteer.
When the Prince of Wales came over here,
and made a hubbaboo,
Oh, everybody turned out, you know,
in gold and tinsel too;
But then the good old Sixty-ninth
didn't like these lords or peers--
They wouldn't give a damn for kings,
the Irish volunteers!

We love the land of Liberty,
its laws we will revere,
"But the divil take nobility!"
says the Irish volunteer!

Now if the traitors in the South
should ever cross our roads,
We'll drive them to the divil,
as Saint Patrick did the toads;
We'll give them all short nooses
that come just below the ears,
Made strong and good of Irish hemp
by Irish volunteers.


Then here's to brave McClellan,
whom the army now reveres--
He'll lead us on to victory,
the Irish volunteers.

Now fill your glasses up, my boys,
a toast come drink with me,
May Erin's Harp and the Starry Flag
united ever be;
May traitors quake, and rebels shake,
and tremble in their fears,
When next they meet the Yankee boys
and Irish volunteers!


God bless the name of Washington!
that name this land reveres;
Success to Meagher and Nugent,
and their Irish volunteers

by John on May 17, 2006
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May 16, 2006


I'm going to lay out my feelings on immigration in a very zen-like fashion.

Flag of the 69th New York at Bull Run

On the twenty-first of July, beneath the burning sun.
McDowell met the Southern troops in battle, at Bull Run;
Above the Union vanguard, was proudly dancing seen,
Beside the starry banner, old Erin's flag of green.

Colonel Corcoran led the Sixty-ninth on that eventful day,
I wish the Prince of Wales were there to see him in the fray;
His charge upon the batteries was war's most glorious scene,
With gallant New York firemen, and the boys that wore the green.

In the hottest of the fire there rode along the line
A captain of a Zouave band, crying, "Now, boys, is your time;"
Ah! who is he so proudly rides, with bold and dauntless mien?
'Tis Thomas Francis Meagher, of Erin's isle of green!

The colors of the Sixty-ninth, I say it without shame,
Were taken in the struggle to swell the victor's fame;
But Farnham's dashing Zouaves, that run with the machine,
Retook them in a moment, with the boys that wore the green!

Being overpowered by numbers, our troops were forced to flee,
The Southern black horse cavalry on them charged furiously;
But in that hour of peril, the flying mass to screen,
Stood the gallant New York firemen, with the boys that wore the green.

Oh, the boys of the Sixty-ninth, they are a gallant band,
Bolder never drew a sword for their adopted land;
Amongst the fallen heroes, a braver had not been,
Than you lamented Haggerty, of Erin's isle of green.

Farewell, my gallant countrymen, who fell that fatal day,
Farewell, ye noble firemen, now mouldering in the clay;
Whilst blooms the leafy shamrock, whilst runs the old machine,
Your deeds will live bold Red Shirts, and Boys that Wore the Green!

by John on May 16, 2006