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June 25, 2005

Need some reading?

Carnival of the Recipes is up at over at Dana's!

Carnival of Cordite is up at Revolutionary War Veteran's Association.

The Navy seems to be having trouble with premature discharge issues. H/t, Larry K.

Confederate Yankee is throwing salt in Googleyes...

Chris over at the Jawa Report is picking on Arrianna Huffington - for shame! Sheesh, go for the easy target why doncha? 8^D

Over in Dean's World, Dean watches North Korean video - so you don't have to... Eff Yeah!

I've been silent on Kelo (I'm not happy, we live near a *huge* eminent domain abuser, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County (ex Kansas City, Kansas) and, Kansas City, Missouri, who has never truly acknowledged that private property is that. You are simply allowed to occupy and care for it until some rich guy comes along and tells me he'll generate more taxes for me if I'll take it away from you and give it to him... can anyone spell the racetrack? I knew you could... I wonder how many of the blue-collar types who are the core of NASCAR fandom know they are sitting in stands provided by the eminent domain seizure of... blue collar property. Heh. Bread and Circuses. Anyway, John Cole has a good post with lots of links to others - a good starting point for exploring the issue on the right side of the 'sphere. Interesting how it all comes down to money, in the end. Even the left, which you would think would be all over "take from the little guys and give it to the rich guy" aren't very noisy here... because it benefits their favorite enterprise... government.

I'm with Bruce here, I'm not interested in helping this kid out. But - at least it's voluntary... and I suppose you could flip it that if enough voluntary dollars kick in, this twit won't be sucking down as many tax dollars...

Entrepreneurs - get moving, Clayton Cramer wants to spend money on your products...

Soldiers are a sentimental and romantic lot...

Here I am trying to get a Denizen link-fest going, and Barb is treading perilously close... but I'll link anyway, because she links to good news about Chuch of TC Override, who was wounded in Iraq last week. (Well, there's also a picture of her over there...)

Blackfive sends us an OpOrd to support MediaSlander.

SWWBO has advice for Hollywood.

Kat discusses women in the military...

Punctilious does a little live-blogging...

Cassandra warns us not to get wobbly, discusses the Road to Serfdom, and offers a pointer to the Best Post Ever on Kelo.

Alan of GENX@40 gives us Fort Pr0n!

The Snarkatron honors real science and real scientists... and warns you to keep yer mitts off the Cutest House In *Some Unamed Municipality*!

AFSis and I share a common view of the Flag Burning Amendment (among other things, Congress has a *lot* mo' betta things to take up their time - of course, fiddling with this also keeps them out of other mischief... decisions, decisions...)

Jack at Random Fate points out that the US has admitted to torture. And that he is shamed for the nation. I'm not. As long as it holds true that the torture admitted to was committed not as policy, but violations of same, and that the guilty are sought and punished, I feel no shame at all. I won't say I'm proud, but, I am not ashamed. Jack is also going on vacation, and has given the keys to the kingdom to some guest-bloggers, including Yours Truly. After I have a chance to examine the stuff Jack talks about, I might have my first post over there cooking!

Over at Sergeant B's... "Bang bang! She shot you down!"

Via the Freeholder - we simply cannot lose.

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by John on Jun 25, 2005
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June 11, 2005

Lazy Saturday.

For blogging, anyway. I fear SWWBO has slavery in mind.

Spam email: "Christian Debt Relief" - what about my pagan debt? Can't I get rid of that, too?

Carnival of the Recipes is up at Songstress 7!

Little blivets in history that caught my eye today...
1184 -BC- The Fall of Troy (traditional) - fodder for recent bad movies...
1861 Maj Rutherford. B. Hayes, Pvt William McKinley, and the 23rd Ohio muster in.
1917 Japanese DD Sakaki sunk in the Mediterranean by an
Austro-Hungarian u-boat.

About the last - if you read about WWI, to you hear of the Austro-Hungarian *Navy* and the Japanese in the *Mediterranean*? Of course, Captain von Trapp of 'Sound of Music' fame was a Austro-Hungarian U-Boat skipper.. Interestingly enough - he was the top U-boat skipper, and was married to the daughter of Robert Whitehead... who invented the modern torpedo. Fascinating site on the Austro-Hungarian sub fleet here.

Neffi sent me a challenge. I've answered it (I don't know yet if I'm right) but I'll put it up here for you guys to Google over...

OK, clever guy- what's the name of this historically significant locking catch? Extra points for the bayonet type. Hint- it was made for a band of rebels attempting to throw off foreign occupiers...

A little moment of Aviation Zen - Bell P-39 Airacobra and Bell P-63 Kingcobra in Soviet markings (the Soviets were the greatest user of these birds). Here's a cool panorama of the P-63 cockpit by Denis Gliksman.

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by John on Jun 11, 2005

December 24, 2004

Since it's Christmas, and we're all gonna be over-indulging...

Carnival of the Recipes #19 is up courtesy of Trudy at Food Basics.

Should you still require additional sustenance, this was sent to me with the comment, "Mmmm, MEAT!"

The world's biggest burger has Scottish diners beaten!

Even back when he played college football, the Armorer would not have tried to win that bet.. unless his fellow defensive linemen were helping!

In case you've missed previous Carnivals (the invention of She Who Will Be Obeyed), go here:

And a tip 'o the Tam to JMH, too!

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by John on Dec 24, 2004

November 26, 2004

Most excellent.

1. Simply excellent. Good. Great. Keep up the pressure. Zarqawi, you suck.

2. On an only slightly less great note than the above, She Who Will Be Obeyed's Carnival of the Recipes #15 is up. Last week Boudicca hosted and scored an Instalanche... This week, Random Thoughts by Marybeth is the host. Good luck Marybeth!

The previous carnivals can be accessed here:

3. Argghhh! in Winter.

(click the picture for more)

4. Argghhh!'s Thanksgiving at Outback.

(click the picture for more)

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by John on Nov 26, 2004
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