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Strategy? What strategy?

Our strategy is most definitely *not* in tatters. That would imply there *is* a strategy. When all you do is a minimalist reaction to the enemy's initiative, well, hope is not a strategy. It's a slow surrender.

War against Isis: US strategy in tatters as militants march on.



Well, when your signature slogan in "Hope and Change," what would one expect from these oafs? When I first saw that in 2007, I thought, "Oh, sh*t. They may even believe that nonsense." Alas, the electorate is so dumbed down that they swallowed it hook, line and sinker. 

And now, after thousands dead and maimed, total collapse of the regime left there to a barbarism so savage our betters in the administration can't even come to grips wth it...and the Commander-in-Chief is just pissed that he has to delay his golf game to play hard-ass. The ONLY reason we're even slinging a few blivets their way is 'cause the polls forced Barry's hand. This was half-assed from the get-go and utterly predictable.

I just feel sorry for the Pentagon types that have to do the Richard Waltz every day in front of the press trying to put a game face on this pig. Oh, wait. No I don't. Until some of these flag officers start resigning on principal, they can just embrace the suck.
When the President speaks of a strategy, he has no thoughts of a military strategy. If a military strategy is requred, others will attend to that in strict compliance with the instructions of his inner circle of advisors, none of whom would have the slightest notion of what a military strategy might look like.

Obama is pursing a political strategy and even that stretches the meaning of the term. His interests are very short term, November the 4th to be exact. He wants to mitigate damage to his support at the polls and encourage his supporters to turn our on behalf of the Democrat Party. It is a delicate balance: it requires doing something, but not too much. He must appear to be defending Kurdish cities in Syria without really doing so (something he's very good at). He has probably already made the deals with Turkey and Saudi Arabia to keep the Kurds under control , but  he needs Kurdish support in Iraq. It's tough to be a double dealer and two faced.

Once the election is over, he can declare victory and move on to more important things.
No Strategy? Only the sad and sorry truth.

I no longer like, trust, or respect the US government.  How can I ask or expect foreigners to do so?

Would YOU ever stick your neck out to help or side with the US, knowing that Americans will pull out before the job is done and leave you twisting in the wind to the barbarians?

Sorry ... that was my comment above.