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Rain? What rain?

14484124149_088772f536_o.jpg I do like it when the civilian leadership joins us in our "Yes, I am too macho to come in out of the rain" games.

UnderSec Visits USASOC FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- The Under Secretary of the Army, Hon. Brad Carson, discusses weapons systems with a Special Forces Soldier during a walkthrough on Range 37, Fort Bragg. Hon. Carson met with USASOC Soldiers to gain firsthand knowledge of Army Special Operations Forces and their capabilities. (Photo Credit: Sgt. Daniel A. Carter, USASOC Public Affairs)


In the early 80s I was back in Arkansas on leave from Germany and my dad wanted me to cut the corn stalks in his huge garden and throw them over the fence to the cattle.  I grabbed a machete and went to work.  it began to rain and I just kept working. If you've been to Germany you know if you quit work when it rains you'll never get anything done. I saw my dad watching me from the back porch and I thought to myself, "He's impressed with my dedication to the job."  My dad saw me look his way and hollered, "Boy, is this what the Army has done to you, taken your common sense, don't you even know to come in out of the rain?"   You just can't win sometimes.
A retired sergeant told me before I shipped out to Ft. Jackson, "It doesn't rain in the Army; it rains on the Army." 
I've heard portuguese servicemen (and ex-servicemen) say "Isso é chuva civil, não molha militar" (That's civilian rain, doesn't wet the military).
Looks like the SF sojer is not terribly upset.  The Under is putting on a good show, and I congratulate him for that.  The lady sojer in the back (probably some sort of PAO minder or staff flunky on his staff, however, looks quite unhappy.
That SEAL is out of place.
 Bravo Zulu to the UnderSec for not hiding out under an umbrella and taking it like a champ with the rest of the drowned troops!

If it ain't rainin, it ain't trainin.