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He was something of a douCHE, you know.

10310089_10152827562292941_4860458383823083155_n.jpgVia Young Americans for Freedom: 

Today is No More Che Day! To celebrate the day that Che Guevara received justice, we will be sharing some of his most notorious quotes. Thanks to author Humberto Fontova for compiling these:

"Youth must refrain from ungrateful questioning of governmental mandates. Instead they must dedicate themselves to study, work, and military service." Che Guevara ‪#‎nomorecheday‬

I should have that made into calling cards, and give it to clueless dorks wearing Che shirts and ask them their thoughts on the topic.  Of course, they'll probably be like this:





I love it. Fontova can be wonderfully acidic when it comes to the current Cuban Oligarchy. He may not have thought of this, but it is his style. Every time I read the story of how Che got his I exult. The coward tried to bargain for his life and leave the guys with him in the cold. He couldn't stand up like a man and take it.