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Deja Vu all over again.

 Vietnam 1964-style incremental deployments. We're going to wake up one day with a Division in there. And it will be a surprise to most people who aren't really paying attention. This is what happens when you make it up as you go along, and are reacting to the enemy, not driving him.

Or are deliberately stone-souping it, because you don't know how to tell the People that it's just necessary, because they don't want to hear it, because you have just spent the last couple of years telling them something completely different.

A terrible thing, when you lose your credibility.

‘Boots in the air’: US helicopters return to combat in Iraq for first time.


From what John Lilyea over at This Ain't Hell said, they've already sent the division headquarters of the 1st ID a couple weeks ago.

I guess Obama doesn't want to lose Iraq to communism islamists.


A Division headquarters is not a division.  It's a command and control hub, capable of controlling several brigade sized elements.  What that means is that the Generals convinced the SecDef and President that a 2-Star with a dedicated staff, needed to be in theater to C2 what's already there.

And yes, to be prepared to take C2 of anything else sent there.



There are going to be boots on the ground if the idiots in power ever get serious about defeating ISIS. A division would be the minimum.
 Let me see if I get your point, John. You take a 2-Star + dedicated staff will increase the size of the total force of "barefoot soldiers" or existing force by 100+%. "No boots on the ground!"

Quartermaster, I think that this leadership's idea of "No boots on the ground" is impossible. I don't care what the leadership says, History has a completely different perspective of this region and we WILL be there, with boots on the ground, until the end of time. It is much easier for them to blame everything on us. There is no way that air power, alone, can stop ISIS. If this nation doesn't start learning from military history we are just condemned to repeat it. I would hope that they might accidentally stumble onto the right answer. Granted, they will never choose it, willfully. It will be forced upon them, then so be it.