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Because it bears repeating.

I don't mind Liberals per se. They are a useful counterbalance to excessive conservative hubris. Just don't be a gun-fearing wussy who wants to take my property. And, just a thought - my having all these doesn't make me a menace, it makes me your friend. Because these are all off the streets. And I can't use more than two at once, if I ever did decide to live down to your low expectations.

10155626_10152055790722817_3900538679707565709_n.jpgJust sayin'.


Your standard warning bears repeating... There are idiots out there.
Be careful what you wish for. If the Kansas Bar Association has its way, they will decide who our judges and prosecutors will be and they may take quite an interest in your collection. Busybodies are so called for a reason.
Showing that to them would probably mean more bidness for the local cardiac units.
As much as I admire your collection, I would suggest caution in drawing it to people's attention. This is the sort of thing that the press reports after a police raid as "The suspect was heavily armed. He had an arsenal of pistols and shotguns, and military weapons including assult rifles, machine guns, and heavy weapons. He also had Nazi weapons and memorabilia." Although you will not face charges, your public profile per Google will suffer.
 Local law enforcement is all over this collection.  Several have been here.  I have a Federal license.  
And this is *exactly* part of why I started the blog.
And there's a reason it looks more like a museum than an arms room.  

But really, Ronin, that cat is so out of the bag my only choice, if truly I am at risk as you aver, would be to shut down the blog, and wipe it.

And then wait for it to stale out of Google.





Good to hear that local police are fully aware. You never can tell when an ambitious DA seeking to cement their anti-gun credentials will decide to make an example of someone. Recently in New Jersey a DA wanted to put a mother of two, with a valid PA gun license travelling with her gun NJ in jail for two years and her two kids in foster care to drive home the points that he was tough on guns and that NJ doesn't recognize out-of -state gun licenses. The same DA gave an NFL player a walk on beating his wife. Fortunately the two cases occurred at the same time. Public outcry pointing out the disproportionate response forced the DA to back off on the gun case.
I didn't know the NJ Nazi (I hate New Jersey Nazis) backed off on the gun possession charge. Did they drop everything or is she still vulnerable to some kind of harassment from the DA world's institutional Left? 
IIRC, some of that law enforcement attention was mere interest in the weapons themselves, not trouble type attention. The Fed Collector's license, however, kinda puts the kibosh on a lot of trouble. I'm not sure that wiping the blog would save you for any longer than few minutes to a couple of hours. The innertubze is 4ever.
 I agree to a certain extent, in that if they are reasoning liberals, I don't mind them so much, but I don't like particularly any liberal.  I have found that reasoning/reasonable liberals are becoming very rare.  Most of them act like retarded six year olds in expecting their bizarro forms of logic to be accepted by the adults, and when one points out to them the fallacy of some pet enthusiasm of theirs, they invariably lose their shit.  Ain't got the time or inclination for it anymore.  I just try to provoke them into a stroke and call it all good.

 I clearly run with different Libs, Steve.

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