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A change in focus

Since I needed a cat-free area, I have taken over the guest bedroom via the expedient of getting a loft bed for the Prodigal Grandson, and the rest of you will just have to find hotels or sleep on cots on the deck. 10624946_10152456079312817_6595891323289214310_n.jpgI'm going to get my hand back into modeling. First project, a Soviet Object 279. I admit, I do find bending tiny pieces of brass and trying to attach them to be very tedious. My brain remembers lots of things, but my fingers have seemingly forgotten most of the skillz. I don't recall them being so fat and clumsy. The biggest change from 20 years ago though, is vision. I need my illuminated magnifier and visor magnifier.


LOL. I didn't realize you were a comedian on top of all the rest of your talents. A "Cat free zone"? Nebba hoppen, sailor boy. I have three of them and they've outflanked every attempt to establish a cat-free zone. Good luck wit dat.
I'll stay with my boy on the other side of the river. I'd have hated having to check the tracks for loose links on Object 279.
It's much easier to work on larger models. You might try 1/5 scale.
Sweet, the Object 279 is on my Amazon wish list (but none of the makers on Amazon are what I would call mainstream [Panda, Takom Models, and [not making this up] Amusing Hobby, all in 1/35th]

Speaking of wish list, having a build area free of cats....definetly not possible in my household.

Best Regards


 This one is the Panda version.
Cat free zone! Nevah happen GI. I might point out how jealous I am of your nice neat, clean workspace. Give it a couple of weeks. Looks like you;ve got a start on a pretty good stash already (must keep it big) And of course the final offering, have fun and enjoy!! (BTW, I'm pushing 80 yrs old right now and have 6 projects currently under way)
Just a thought. Could you put me up for the night in the arms room?
No. Not unless you go in naked and come out naked. And there will still be a magnetometer and x-ray.
Your photo proves the existance of the mythical "Top of the Workbench." Rumor has it that my workbench downstairs has an uncluttered surface, but the grant money for the team of archaeologists to unearth said surface has not yet come through. The stumbling block preventing the clean work surface seems to be that the workbench must be all things to all hobbies. The workbench downstairs has upon it, a small lathe, a small mill, a drill press, a vise, a combined disk and belt sander, and of course, a reloading press.

Keep learning and have fun.


 John - you just described the workbench in the Armory.  That, and cats, are why the spare bedroom was pressed into service.  It's kept cat-free as a favor to overnight visitors with allergy issues.
Would that include a body cavity search? I'm shocked, shocked, I say, you don't trust little ol' me :-)
QM, I think that's where the magnetometer & x-ray come in. :)

John, welcome back to the hobby! I may have to dust off a couple of never-finished projects myself. Been trying to ressurect an old IBM PC recently, so no models lately.

I've needed extra help with vision as well. I generally use a pair of cheap reading glasses along with my contacts; 3x does wonders.