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On language...

Not to spoil the tranquility of your Sunday morning - but I have a gripe.

Quelle surprise, non?

The term, "beheading." Pretty much when I grew up that meant guillotine, axe, or the sword, and generally, but certainly not always, a single swipe and done. Bad enough.

What we're calling beheadings now are *not* that.

They're "sawing off the head of someone who is completely aware of the event."

I know, it's a mouthful. But, words matter. Just as people on the anti-war side of things mock "collateral damage" as a euphemism, I call beheading a euphemism, and one designed to both minimize the horror, soothe nerves that might otherwise be jangled, and is certainly shorter to type.

But it masks a reality. And I'm not sure usefully.