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Let's toss this grenade out there into the living room...

Read it, and note the author, before reflexively typing. I know, this is the Intertubz! How dare I make silly requests like that.

Regardless, there it is.

Why Women Do Not Belong in the U.S. Infantry.

Not that I don't actually expect a whole lot of argument from this crowd of about 20 greybeards.

Of course, had this article been written by someone plumbed differently, it would never have seen the light of day.


At least this guy won't have to worry about upgrading his Mess Dress to filed grade rank.

I kid. I kid... 
Captain Serrano speaks the truth to power, and shall be crucified for doing so.

A very well reasoned, experience and fact based argument.  However, terribly incorrect politically, so she will be ignored, and the degradation of our military forces will continue unabated.

I salute her for her boldness and wisdom.  Too bad she will be ingrored, at best, and likely much worse.
I have been against placing women in harms way from the beginning. No country that intentionally places women in combat is worth defending.
She's never make general officer with that on her record, but it is indeed a great article that stands on it's own merit.

(And I think I read a less formal piece of writing from a female Army officer a year or so ago on As I recall, she stressed that the physical demands were at the upper limit of female physiolgy and thus made injuries much more likely.) 
Her career dissipation light just went into overdrive. That's the kind of officer that all branches need, someone not afraid to throw the bullshi! flag and then provide a coherent logical explanation for said flag. That's leadership!
 He's a she, Panther.  It's what makes this one more interesting.
From the articles conclusion..."National leadership should be more concerned with ensuring the Marine Corps infantry units are as strong as possible to fight our Nation’s battles" seen, National Leadership is more concerned in gutting the nations military to fund what ever namby-pamby public welfare project is the current progressive 'rage'.
 Let's take a look at the whole warrior ethos. As we do, let's leave the whole gender bias behind us. Instead let's look at the whole warrior ethos as a singular warrior going into the battlespace. What does it take to make this happen? The biggest thing is a change in perspective or vision of roles for both genders. Let's look at the whole Military as being a part of the body of that single warrior. Not everybody can be the eye or the ear. There are times when people call you a rectal sphincter muscle, barely staying within the rulez, your meat cutter would call it a "ring steak", same thing. What do you say? "What are you like when that particular component in your own body doesn't work right?" I believe all of us would say, "It becomes the absolute center of your life." The same is true of our singular warrior. As we look at the roles of both men and women, we will find that we are in a sea of change. This is not under our control. As a nation, we are looking at a uncertain future. But as each citizen of the US, moves forward in their own lives, they will find the same principles apply to them. The trick is to find where you can serve and get there. If you are in the military or a first responder and you like it, you have found your essential place for the future. If you are retired, there are an infinite number of organizations that you can join and get involved and find your role in the overall goals of this nation.
Something just occurred to me. What does SWWBO think of you throwing grenades into her living room? I would think she would take a much dimmer view of that than the flare you shot during the last drought.
I myself will freely admit that I am an old-school, crotchety, cumudgeonly, irritable and cranky old timer. To me, some things are wrong just because they are wrong, and women serving in any kind of front-line military position is wrong. Administrative, support, all other kind of roles - fine by me. Front-line, in harms way - no ******* way.

And you darn kids get offa my lawn!

Want some more fun? CDR Salamander has some interesting thoughts today on political correctness and quota-satisfying in the military.
As an astute NCO expressed it to me back in the 80s, when you put boys and girls together and put them under stress, they are going to want to hold on to each other.  It's just human nature.
I read this over at xbradtc's place the other day. Man, the comments on the article are insane!

Not having served, I have no personal touchstone on this, but the arguments that she and others have made seem logical. Women have served quite successfully as light infantry; e.g. as scouts, MPs and such, not to mention pilots. There doesn't seem to be much of a history of them doing so well as heavy infantry (grunts).

Frankly, I was astonished that such a large number of female recruits can't even do THREE pull-ups. Would have expected 8 or 10, at least.
John: I knew that. Typing too fast. BTW, what's the Israeili policy on women in combat? I know they operate in combat zones, but I'm not sure they have any role in front-line infantry ops. (Doubt it, but I don't know for sure.)

Let me be very clear, I do not believe women should be "in harm's way". There are places that are absolutely essential to any combat in the battlespace, that women can fulfill and should. A woman brings certain approaches to a situation that a man does not. If we forget this, it only weakens us to our overall goal of victory. This is the reason that I used the analogy of "The Body of the Warrior Ethos". All of the components of that body are important and without them, we are seriously compromised. We need to see that everybody is important in the overall objective, not just the "boots on the ground".

Quartermaster, after John throws the grenade into the living room, minus the pin, who is going to clean up the mess? This is the question that you ask Beth to answer. In reality, she would have nothing to worry about, if I understand John, there would be no mess. John has a mindset of safety and this would be a non-issue. If some of us were there, there would only be a laundry issue or a biohazard.

8 ^ )