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Interesting stuff

The future is now...

Of course, it has the same drawback as Patriot - it's a point-defense system. The kill of the target means that the intended target of the "kill" isn't hit - but that armed-and-still-full-of-explosive warhead is going to head to earth ballistically, where it will detonate or become an UXO hazard. It's not going to hit what it was aimed at - but it will hit something. Like a warehouse, full of troops, perhaps, for those who remember Gulf War I.

Not an argument for not using it and continuing the development - but a reality that needs to be understood.

The fact that this thing works, and is road-mobile on a HEMMTT chassis is a big deal. 

HEL MD - High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator.

On an unrelated note - I have found that as I have become essentially completely unplugged from the Army, and focused on my upcoming stint as a Rotary District Governor, my blogging jones is ebbing with it.

We'll see what happens.


I wouldn't blame you if you hung up your spurs for good. Do plan to attempt to find work with another contractor in the future? If you do quit, I want to stay in touch. I'll visit when I go to KC to visit my son. Looks like he will be there for a goodly while.
Nice toy and the benefits outweigh the risks.

On the unrelated note -- I know exactly what you are going through.  Best wishes for every success no matter what you choose.
John, I must agree, with the wise counsel of QM and JimC. You have served and now it is time to find your new horizon. Please do one thing for all of us, enjoy the rest of your life. As always, Grumpy
 Well I have enjoyed your blogs for a while. You have to do what you have to do.  You do have a much wider audience than you imagine though. You would he gone but not forgotten.