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Food for thought, as we busily trade freedom for a faux sense of security, ala Ben Franklin's dictum.

Though, I think this graph changes when you account for effectiveness, at least as measured by body counts.

Non-Muslims Carried Out More than 90% of All Terrorist Attacks in America.

But know this, you lefties... I'm keeping an eye on your gun-grabbing selves. No wonder you want our guns... to clear the decks for your nefarious activities, since you're the biggest slice of terrorism-producers.


While they may have added up their numbers correctly, I question their choices of which "terrorist" events to include, and their choice of dates.

Extend it back a few years and Obama's pal Bill Ayers' nefarious criminal activities should have been included.  Cut the window a bit shorter to the 1993 start of Islamic attacks on the homeland, and you will get a very different slice of pie chart.

Bottom line is that many of the muzzies are at war with the west, whether we like it or not, and that will not end until the Islamic radicals are dead, or so fearful or massive retaliation that they leave us the hell alone.  I don't care if Shia kill Sunni or vice versa, so they still have intramural and tribal killing to entertain themselves.  But, harm a single American in the homeland or abroad and the perpetrator(s) must be targeted for extermination.

There need not be a single lawyer or jailer involved in this process.  Justice is best served as a death sentence, not by risky captures, endless trials and appeals, and ineffective confinement. 

As for "collateral damage" that is regrettable, and should be minimized if convenient, but should not preclude any attack on those who threaten us.  Kill them all and let Allah sort them out.

We cannot negotiate or compromise or moderate with those who believe that their religion is the only true one and that infidels must convert or die.  Leave us alone and go about your business peacefully and you can worship your god of death.  But, as long as any attack us, then they must be destroyed.  From 30,000 feet if possible as long as they can be contained, but if absolutely essential, then by boots on the ground.

This will continue to be a long and costly war.  But, we must not bear the full costs.  Let the rich Arab countries whom we protect against the radical Islam threat pay for the entire thing.  They are not $17.6 trillion in debt, and besides, their support of Wahhabism nurtured the murderous bastids.  We are not their mercenaries, but neither are we obligated to save their lazy butts.  THe enemy of my enemy is my friend only until our enemies are defeated.
The apologists are cherry picking the data and manipulating definitions of terrorist acts. Mass shootings aren't terrorist acts, they are deranged citizens running amok, most of them self professed Lefties I might add. Next thing you know, they will include falls in the bathtub as terrorist acts.

Islam has declared war on all non-believers and multiple organizations, nation states, criminal enterprises, religous zealots, and fast buck artists have jumped on the band wagon. We are at war with all of them and we should act accordingly.
I also would like to see how they defined "terrorist attack," not to mention note that they're very careful to specify "within the United States" and "within Europe." Let's open the count to add north Africa and southwest Asia and see how the numbers come out.

I'm still trying to figure out the "Jewish terrorist attack" thing. You think something like that would be all over the news.
To say the site this "study" was posted on is "slanted" is an insult to inclines everywhere!
Do I dare comment that, IIRC, the article referes to Muslim-Americans?

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