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Caution, low flying aircraft...

Yanno, I totally hate those jackrabbits who hot-rod their left turn in front of you as the light turns green - but there are some to whom I am prepared to yield the right of way...

Airmen maneuver through traffic lights while towing an F-15 Eagle down Watson Boulevard to the Warner Robins City Hall, Warner Robins, Ga. Sept. 6, 2014. The aircraft was loaned to the city by the Georgia Air National GuardÂ’s 116th Air Control Wing to serve as a static display for a new veteranÂ’s memorial. The Airmen moving the aircraft are assigned to the 116th Maintenance Group. (U.S. Air National Guard photo/Tech. Sgt. Regina Young)


 Oh dear, a pilot with a map, again ...

You know those lights on the wingtips are turn signals, right? MacDonnel-Douglas put them there just for this purpose. 
I'm not sure why you would yield. He's not carrying any Sidewinders or other missles. So, watz he gonna do to you?
QM, he still has a Vulcan cannon on board. :)

Wouldn't it be cool to smoke a brand new Mustang or Corvette with one of those?