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Ladies and Gentlemen, entering the arena now...

..I give you, the Junior Varsity team!   Give it up for the Scrubs!

Sorry, Boss. This rises to the level of "reckless disregard" and "culpable negligence." If you were a CEO, the board would be asking you for recommendations as to your replacement.

There's a lot of people who work in and around Washington in State and DoD and the Executive Office of the White House... To not have a strategy, at this point, simply means you guys are asleep at the switch.

Time for a new SecState, SecDef, and quite possibly, Chairman of the JCS, and a change in the NSC composition if you can't, at this point, articulate US national interests and how to address them.

It is, after all, one of the *major* components of your job description.

Congress is really supposed to handle the home front stuff, your special area of interest and expertise - well is *supposed* to be - the external arena.


President Barack Obama addressed a pair of escalating world crises Thursday afternoon, blaming Russia for escalating violence in eastern regions of Ukraine and discussing a strategy he admitted he didn't "have yet" to confront the extremist group calling itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (also ISIS or ISIL).

As was observed by MaryAnn - apparently, we're hoping for a strong moderate Syrian opposition to reconcile with the Iraqi government to drive the Russians from Ukraine.



The SCOAMF made the "JV" comment in January. This cancer has been growing for 8 months!
It's been in all the papers. It should not come as a surprise, even to this "Clown Car" administration. How is it then, that "we do not have a strategy"?
What, exactly, are we paying these clowns to do?
It is as if they wake, every day, completely surprised at what is happening, even though it has been building for months.
It's always a total surprise to these a$$holes.
It's beginning to 'chap my hide'...
I'm convinced that he will not develop or articulate a strong pro-American strategy because he's simply ..... not pro-American.

Personally, I think he's on the other side doing what he can to reduce American power, influence, credibility, and national security, because he and his Leftist ilk are convinced that America is the root of the world's problems and we must be brought down a peg or two to take us down to the level of every other country in the world. For them, America is not, nor should be, exceptional ..... or a superpower.
I think fd has said it all. It's a feature, not a bug.
We have two more years of national political purgatory.

Given the institutional ineptitude of the Opposition Party, I recommend we just embrace the suck--just think: amnesty for millions of illegals is coming this September. I just hope to God we stay lucky vis-a-vis another 9/11-style attack and the Israelis come to our rescue and do another damn-damn of Iranian bomb development efforts. Wheee!

That said, given the Third Party movement usually cements the rulng party in place, and given the inherent advantages of incumbents, it's still worth (IMHO) contributing to all electable GOP candidates' coffers (Tom Cotton, Joni Ernst, Mia Love, et al.). Maybe we could do worse, but I don't, at this point, see how.
What country does not have contingency plans that cover every imaginable situation and some that are almost unimaginable. Where is our Plan Orange, our Fall Gleb? What have the wonks in the neither regions of the Pentagon been doing for the last umpteen years? Well I expect that they have been doing a lot more than eating Twinkies and playing Doom. What the problem is that the disconnect between them and the ostriches at 1600 Penn Ave has grown so great one of them might as well be in the Orion Nebula. Come on 2016.
 I'm not trying to perturb any one with this comment, however here is my comment, nonetheless:

 Last year, [in 2013], we had a crop of bad guys:

 The president of Syria + his army, who were killing civilians. And...Obama promised that he'd take military action to stop the bad guys.

 Twelve months later, There is a new crop of Bad Guys. They are the murdering, ISIS terrorist group, (now in Syria).

 In 2014, Obama promised to take air strikes and military action against them [too].

 Anyone want to make a bet that: he'll chicken out of this promised military strike, like he did the last time?

 I think it's likely that he will.

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